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Websites Please Review Our Site....Need Advice

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by jerrdoggz, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. jerrdoggz

    jerrdoggz New Member

    Please guys check it out....Dont be scared to tell me exactly what you think....We are fairly new (mnth) and looking to grow....Ive been doing webs,computers for few years.....i am looking for advice on keywords etc....Thank you guys!! http://www.bestbdsmbargains.com
  2. GDSweb.ca

    GDSweb.ca Moderator/Developer

    Looks good, but....

    Hey dude, I took alook at your site and saw a few problems.

    In Firefox the template is messed up.
    Your 'Reviewed by Fetish Engine' banner is out of place and your hit counter.
    have a look at the pics.....

    Attached Files:

  3. jerrdoggz

    jerrdoggz New Member

    Tnxs for reply...

    I know the engine was out of place i exchanged links with them and just threw it there........and as far as the counter its a free version what you say i should buy the full version to get the stats outta there......is there anything else you notice....thank you for your time!
  4. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    Jerrdoggz please don't forget the policy on this forum.
    Post your website here to get other members to review your site. Please give a review for someone else before you ask for one.
  5. GDSweb.ca

    GDSweb.ca Moderator/Developer

    I wouldn't even bother buying the full version counter.
    It is most likely just a hit counter that tells how many times the page has been viewed right?
    If it is I can give you a free hit counter that has no backlink or stats under it. Do you have access to you server?php?
  6. jerrdoggz

    jerrdoggz New Member

    Yes i have acess to my server..and as far as the fhit counter i will gladly accept the one you have..reason i like the one im using is because it has all the stats and stuff that are with it....kinda make it easy....do you have a good website stats program of any sort aswell..Thank You:D
  7. GDSweb.ca

    GDSweb.ca Moderator/Developer

    If you want stats for your page just sign-up for Google Analytics. It's Free, you'll get all the stats you need, how many real visitors, their country, city, browser type, page views, what site they came from, search stats, and the list go's on and on......

    As for the hit counter, PM me your email address and I will send it to you=)
  8. GDSweb.ca

    GDSweb.ca Moderator/Developer

    I will do you one even better than just giving you the files....I will show you a great tutorial on how to make one specifically for your site, and it will give you an intro into php.....

    View the Tutorial :: Here

    **If you really have troubles doing this let me know and I will help you out...=)
  9. jerrdoggz

    jerrdoggz New Member

    @gds....thank you very much i will give it a try later.....any other suggestions for my site? Thank you
  10. chundra

    chundra New Member

    Some problems:

    I need to scroll to the right in the order to see a page, there is empty space on the left...
    My resolution is 1024 x 786, I believe it have not been adjusted for all resolutions.

    Also there is A LOT of empty space on the bottom of the site and you need to scroll to get to the end where the counter is.
  11. jerrdoggz

    jerrdoggz New Member

    @chundra Yes it is suppose to be set up like that couse i will be adding google adword on the left some day hahahah ..thanks for the feedback though...really appreciate it..
  12. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    The page is not centered. And yes, a lot of empty space.