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Websites Please Review My Website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by y8gamesfree, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. y8gamesfree

    y8gamesfree New Member

    Please Review My Website – Best Y8 Games - Flash Games

    Impressions, logo, banner effect (eye catching, quality)

    Navigation, look and feel

    Anything at all, also suggestions on anything regarding content, design and so on

    I hope to recieve also any positve feedback, and negative feedback is welcomed especially,

    this is my first site

    please give me review, how can i improve it?

    Thanks so much!

    y8gamesfree - the forum states give a review before you ask for one or you post will be deleted as spam - your friendly mod
  2. Schnen

    Schnen New Member


    I'd say one thing I would change is that I would put the categories at the beginning of the page. I think its simply better so you dont have to scroll down just to get to the section you want.

    A favicon would be a good idea to include.
    ( for example favicon.ico Generator )

    I would also put a picture into the header where it say Y8 Girls Games, since it looks kind of unspectacular.

    These were the things that came to my mind straight away.

    I think the colours are okay since they give a little girlish flair ;)
  3. 1075dallas

    1075dallas New Member

    Hi, Just took a look at your site. I have to agree that the placement of the categories at the bottom requires too much scrolling. I would suggest placing them on the side. I really like the screen shots for the games. It lets a viewer get a good idea of the game before downloading. Also, maybe your title heading should be a little more developed. I tend to gravitate to sites that look more professional. Hope this helps.
  4. y8gamesfree

    y8gamesfree New Member

    Thanks for your comments
  5. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    I recommend having the categories like this:

    - All Category Games
    -- Your members would first want to see what their options for games are.

    - Best Games
    -- New thing they would want to know are the most popular games.

    - New Games
    -- After they've gotten familier with most of the games, they might want to know which games are the newest so they can try them out.

    - Random Games
    -- This is last category, which is for people who are bored and just wants to play a random games. The least important one in my opinion.
  6. kurisu

    kurisu New Member

    I agree with some adjustments to the categories, but I can see the reasoning for having them below the more visual content of the site.
    The thing I would change with the set-out of them is having the alphabetical order down each column rather than across the page as this is the way people tend more to view lists rather than a reading style (left to right).
    Hope the site goes well!
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