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Websites Please review my web

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by chundra, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. chundra

    chundra New Member

    Hi all,

    This is my first web page and I would like to know what do you think. Any suggestions are more then wellcome, what I should improve???

    Here is the link
    joomato com

    Thank you in advance!!!
  2. GDSweb.ca

    GDSweb.ca Moderator/Developer

    Hey chundra,

    Review other websites before you post a link up to your website......it just makes it fair for everyone else looking for opinions.
  3. chundra

    chundra New Member


    I dont have problems to look to the other websites but I am really just a beginner... I don’t find myself qualify to comment on web design...
  4. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    You will be qualified enough, just give it a try or we consider you spamming, trying to increase traffic to your site. Then your post we be deleted and you banned.;)
  5. GDSweb.ca

    GDSweb.ca Moderator/Developer

    Exactly, just review the website, post if you like the design, navigation, layout, where ads are....just opinions =)
  6. chundra

    chundra New Member

    ok, no problem!!!

    I will :)

    Jejeje, dont banned me right away, I am still learning!!!!
  7. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    Reviewing is easy. Just tell what you like or don't. Your header I like. Your color scheme also is pleasing. I am no guru and most people in here aren't either. They are just like you and looking for constructive criticism. Your pages load fast. The slowest was home at 1.0432s. All the others were less than .5s Impressive.
  8. thecampuslist

    thecampuslist New Member

    Hey I think this website is on the right start has some potential. A few comments on design. I understand you are probably targeting youth, but i feel like the whole website is slightly to pastel in the color palette. I like the navigation and think its really easy to use. I would but a little focus on to the header and maybe give it a little bit more graphic design. The header is very important in a website and should connect well with every page.
  9. chundra

    chundra New Member


    Thank you all for the comments, I really appreciate it!
    I have also started to check other people webs on this forum and also give my comments, you are right we don’t need to be gurus.

    The campuslist,

    Thank you for your comment, I have received many comments similar to yours, I will start to work on changing a little bit a header what you said and maybe change some colours of the web.
    I will put a link here when it is done, so you can see if it looks better :)


    Thank you also for your comments; I am very happy you like it. Also I appreciate a lot comment on the speed!!!!

    Thank you all one more time!!
  10. chundra

    chundra New Member


    Hi all,

    After your comments I have been working on changing design and I would like to hear what do you think about this. This is just a print screen in working process.

    Let me know your opinion!
    Thanks again!
  11. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    You have 129 validation warnings which can be automatically corrected with HTML Tidy
    Your title and short description are important (title tag)
    When you load your page (at the top of the browser is the title tag) you should have it go all the way across with the short description in the title.
    Use the best description you can to describe the website there.
    Your description tag will be in the search engine listing, below the title. People see it and determine if they will look at the page (you have much competition, so do the best description you can using keywords.
    A good keyword suggestion tool is wordtracker
    The word you insert and they will list the popularity
    hope this helps
  12. chundra

    chundra New Member

    Thank you falcon, this will be great help! Thank you for the links, I will check it and also I will change title tag as you have suggested.

    Thank you a lot!!
  13. Stagecoach

    Stagecoach New Member

    Good start


    I would agree with the other post that your color pallet seems a bit to light and pastel, like what one may find in the baby section of a store. Also, There is a lot of open space on the site that is not used, maybe shirinking it down to a size that better compliments your content volume. I think the sight is very "boxy" as well, maybe introducing some curves and shades will improve it flow and aplea to the eye.

    Good Luck
  14. chundra

    chundra New Member

    Thank all,

    I am working on a new design, as soon as I finish I will post it, so you can check it and let me know if it is any better :)

    Thanks one more time for all your comments!!!!!!
  15. bmcoll3278

    bmcoll3278 New Member

    I like it a lot I had a free game site for about a year did ok traffic but never looked as good as this one. Did you write a scrip or download one?
    Mine was a download and I did not have the skills I have learned now so I could not customize it. I do not want to spam here so I wont show my site but if you would like to back link I have a site that offers all free services and I could ad you as a free service under free games on line. Contact me through this fourm it you have interest. I will link to you even with out a back link but not unless you say to.
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