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Websites Please review my Unity games site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by gamestoenjoy, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. gamestoenjoy

    gamestoenjoy Member Verified Member


    I built a new website for Unity games, because I really like those amazing 3D games.
    I bought excellent domain name GamesUnity.com, so it will be easy to do seo work.
    The number of games is still low, but I will add more new games shortly.
    Also I intend to add features like registration system and more.

    I will be happy to hear your comments :)

    Link to the site: Games Unity
  2. SharynMCoffee

    SharynMCoffee New Member

    I like the site it's really simple and easy to navigate around. The only negative I have is the boxes coming across the screen are quick and were distracting when I was looking at the games. Otherwise good job!
  3. gamestoenjoy

    gamestoenjoy Member Verified Member

    Thanks, I am glad you like it.
    I will improve the point you mentioned about the boxes.
  4. Neocro

    Neocro New Member

    i like the site
    little bit slow loading but not sure is that hosting problem, site problem or just me ?
  5. Hutch7783

    Hutch7783 New Member

    I agree witht eh above I like the site, its simple and too the point and everything you need is on the home page. It also has a good explanation about the site etc I played World Hummer football which was a laugh!
  6. djjkenyon

    djjkenyon New Member

    Very clean easy to get around, very yser friendly. Just takes too long to load
  7. gamestoenjoy

    gamestoenjoy Member Verified Member

    I checked to loading speed problem with the hosting company,
    and now the site should load faster.
  8. chemikal

    chemikal New Member

    not a bad site. straight and to the point. easy to navigate. not sure if it was something that you had fixed yet, but page still seems to load slow. other than that, not bad.
  9. gamestoenjoy

    gamestoenjoy Member Verified Member

    Thanks, I will keep improving the site so it will look more attractive.
  10. MALLA

    MALLA New Member

    Slow in loading and make it a little more colorful.Other than that nothing else to complain about,really nice interface,very user friendly.Good Job.
    I would give it a 8/10
  11. gamestoenjoy

    gamestoenjoy Member Verified Member

    Thanks, I am glad you like it.
    Indeed I tried to provide easy to use interface with good navigation.
    I will improve the points you mentioned.
  12. leekerno

    leekerno New Member

    Hi, really like the site. Easy to use. Didnt have a problem with loading time. Hard for you to make it too colourful as game logos are all full of colour. My son would love it! x
  13. mdotproductions

    mdotproductions New Member

    Its great bro my nephew loves this site already.
  14. WLC

    WLC New Member

    I've had a quick mooch around on your site and think it's pretty good, on the whole. I like the simple lay-out and the fact it is easy to navigate, as a result. I think the front page is maybe a bit too showy and find the flashing icons a bit jarring. Also, I wasn't keen on the amount of pop ups being opened when I clicked on stuff but I'm not sure if that's something you can really alter.
  15. gamestoenjoy

    gamestoenjoy Member Verified Member

    Great to hear your feedback.
    I added several new Unity games, so the site is more appealing :)
  16. ThatAfricanBoy

    ThatAfricanBoy New Member

    Hello, well first off, props to you, Im a big gamer myself and love to see sites like this! As others have said, the site is really easy to navigate through, but I would really like to see a different color scheme for the entire site. I really think a more exciting color setup could help. Also, its nice that all the games are available on the front page, but I would've lived to see a sort of ranking, or "Editors Pick" game to help pick. I know this probably isn't possible with currently limited selection of games, but in the future I hope you keep this in mind. Otherwise, I, the only technical issues noticed was some lagging on some pages, but no glitches at all, good luck to you man, and just ask if you need anymore feedback!
  17. Justin Hardy

    Justin Hardy Member

    Ok, here goes.

    I like to game, so I thought this would be a good site to review. Once the home page loaded up I did straight away think this is very "samey" to other sites that provide games, although you hold the niche in the fact you provide 3D games.

    I personally think you need to either brand each game better or use a larger image button instead of clicking on a game name. Make the game more inviting.

    Other than that the site works well enough.

    Hope that helps!?

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