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Websites Please Review my site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by signelect, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. signelect

    signelect New Member

    I've had this site for a while now but would like to know what you guys think about it and or what changes I should make. Thanks

  2. signelect

    signelect New Member

    I've had this site for a while now but would like to know what you guys think about it and or what changes I should make. Thanks

    signelect . com
  3. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    Hey signelect please read - thanks
    Website Review
    Post your website here to get other members to review your site. Please give a review for someone else before you ask for one.
  4. boatbuilder

    boatbuilder New Member


    The website has a lot of information on it. Overall I think most people could find their way around it ok. One thing that did stand out was that there are a few grammar mistakes on it. For example on the magnets page, there is the following test "These Cheap magnets is long lasting and durable"
    It should read "these cheap magnets are long lasting and durable"
    Maybe a small thing, but it would personally put me off if I was a potential customer.
  5. MrFunk

    MrFunk New Member

    The website is to wide. Change that.

    There is too much information on the homepage. It's overwhelming. Next to that it is not that clear what you can actually do on the website. So try and clear the homepage more and give some basic information about what the website is about.

    Put all the payment options on the top, so the potential customer can see it right away.

    Maybe make the menu in a different colour so there's more contrast.

    Hope this will help you start altering some stuff.
  6. amphotography

    amphotography New Member

    Personally, I find the home page very overwhelming. There is a LOT of information on there that you can probably move off to other tabs. I think as a consumer I would probably move on to another site instead of decipher all the different things. The other thing I saw was that your font size/type seems to change depending on which page it is, this is just sort of picky, but I'd change everything to go for consistency.
    Good things: I like how you have photo examples that are a decent size to give the customer a good idea of what they are ordering.
    Good luck!
  7. JustaMom

    JustaMom New Member

    I agree with the other reviewers. It is hard to figure out what the website is about. Maybe you could put some text on the home page as a first paragraph. Something like:

    "Looking for a custom banner or advertisements? You have come to the right place. We have a great selection and low prices! With our easy free design tool, you can customize your product in minutes."

    Right away you have told the visitor: what you sell, you have low prices, and easy customization. Now the potential customer can browse the products.

    Does that make sense?
  8. ClaudiaM

    ClaudiaM New Member

    I find too much information on your main page, it seems that you repeat some items several times.
    Is you website just political products? I my self am interested in some of your products but you only show political information.
  9. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    As everyone else said, it needs to be better organized. Maybe change some fonts here and there. (Look at the blue title that says "specials", you can make a much better one at cooltext.com)
  10. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    This is your "C" drive (///C:/)
    I doubt if I can access that
    Signelect.com is your address
    ::: - Yard Signs - ::: Yard Sign | Signelect.com | Cheap

    Our yard signs political and election campaign supplies and material are great for political campaign and elections. These plastic yard signs products can ...
    www.signelect.com/ - Cached - Similar
    Campaign signs
    Corrugated Signs
    Signs Special, Sign Special
    Color Chart
    Large Signs
    Political Banners
    how it shows in Google
    Your description is too long. It is cut off by Google. They only allow 150 characters (including soaces).
    You are 2nd page no. 10 with keywords "yard signs". May want to work on that.
    You are 2nd page no. 8 with keywords "yard sign". May want to work on that also.
    Check your competition and see what they are doing, Some are listed on multiple pages. That should be one of your goals.
    Try reviewing more sights. It will give you some good ideas. Also read what others say. Remember they are trying to help.
    hope this helps



    your graphic boxes need to be fill up with the picture
    need to compact the website to spread out
  12. viking knives

    viking knives New Member

    I agree with alot of the comments made. It is a very busy site. My first thought was visual overload. Lots of links on the left side are a bit overwhelming. I think it may be better if you have links to the catagories on the homepage, and have the sub catagories for each on their own specific pages, it may help the homepage look less busy. I think a link to "signs" on the homepage would suffice. Then, when i click on signs, all of the sub catagories could be somewhere on that page. As a consumer, I want an easy to use site that is efficient. I shop online alot because I have a busy schedule. If I come upon a busy site, I usually back out and look for something quicker and better layed out. Just observations from a consumer. Hope it helps a little and good luck with your site.
  13. Confusion confusion

    I think you have a great business and many people need sign boards and custom made posters and buttons.

    However your website is a nightmare to traverse through, even though you have great content spread everywhere. Loved the section where you can design your own signs.

    I think your primary focus on the website should be about the sign itself and not the material on which the sign is made. Once a person has chosen their design you can then direct them to which material i.e. - cardboard sign, plastic sign, poster, button etc.

    You should have a maximum of 5-6 links on your homepage and then further links on your sub page. Your About us page is great with a lot of great information but it is buried deep inside the links on the left.

    If I was looking for a sign, I would not trust your website easily. It has a look and feel of a 'rip-off' site. I think you should consider a complete redesign to improve the usability and trust for your users. I think if you do that, you will be able to exponentially grow your business using your website.

    I would also suggest getting a new logo for the site. You could even try the free logo service on this site. Some examples of better sites in your line of business.

    BuildASign - Yard Signs, Signs, Custom Signs Online
    Yard Signs Cheap, Vinyl Banners, Vehicle Magnets, Wire Stakes – Super Cheap Signs -
    Welcome to JustYardsigns
  14. Drachsi

    Drachsi New Member

    The title tag needs work. The Title tag and your first h1 should be the same.
    <title>::: - Yard Signs - ::: Yard Sign | Signelect.com | Cheap</title>
    You have no html or xml sitemap.

    See the other comments as well



    Too much information to me there is flow on the page
  16. Jon Chico

    Jon Chico New Member

    Hi Mate - not a technical point, but I would avoid ever using the word "cheap" to describe goods. This infers they are poor quality in the reader's mind, and may cause them to question whether to align themselves with your product.

    Great value, economy etc, are good ways of saying what I think you mean to but without suggesting the quality is somehow poor.
  17. stovecor

    stovecor New Member

    As some one who is not very quick on the web surfing the first page that opens is very confusing there is so much going on. i was using a net book to view the site and it was very wide. maybe if the different types of products where in submenus it would clean up the home page. Your phone number is very small. i had to read to the bottom of the page to find out you specialize in poloitical banners. First impressions matter and if the home page was a bit more organized it would be a great first impression as your products and prices look very good
  18. frankmoc1

    frankmoc1 Banned

    Organize properly ..You have made a good effort for you site..But there are some things which are looking odd...So try to make them clean and good looking...thanks for sharing with us the nice information....
  19. holoqueen

    holoqueen New Member

    As your ideas here, I thinks, The problem when we importand to of web. I am design and write good .
  20. Paul@PoolsYouth

    Paul@PoolsYouth New Member


    I think I agree with most of what has been said before, I think you're trying to provide as much detail as possible for the customer, which is good, but at the minute it's a little overwhelming.

    I think one, overall, unifying design for the different pages is a good idea, with maybe just one or two fonts used to provide consistency and also a feeling of crispness and efficiency and maybe more professionalism? It's a personal thing but I also dislike flashing signs and find them a bit irritating. I think they do draw attention but in this case it seems to be for free shipping for your lower cost items, is that really where you want people focussing their attention? Maybe a heading of some sort with 'free shipping on these items' with a bulleted list would work better?

    In terms of the amount of info contained would it be possible to have less on te initial page with buttons for each category that people can follow depending on their needs? I also wonder about the info provided on each type of item, eg magnet signs, you talk about different ways of measuring advertising effectiveness but don't then say whether signs have been shown to have a positive impact - so maybe leave this out. Rather than a couple of dense paragraphs of text (with some typos) I'd be tempted to bullet point main issues eg: improve sales, increase awareness of brands etc

    Overall I think the site is good, with a level of detail that is reassuring with these types of products. I would, however, look at ways to present this more clearly, with additional pages from a simple home page perhaps - although I am by no means an expert and just commenting as member of public