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Websites Please review my Photography site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by amphotography, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. SharynMCoffee

    SharynMCoffee New Member

    Hi, I had a look at your site and I agree with Ace, your logo needs to be bigger, at the moment it just looks a bit disproportionate to the picture. Also I would suggest putting a link to your specials etc because all the typing takes away from your picture box & it makes the home page a bit to 'busy'. The colours are great & the site has a nice feel about it ;)
  2. chelseacat89

    chelseacat89 New Member

    for someone that is just starting out your doing great and i agree with all of the other posters but over all i am very impressed
  3. Longstone

    Longstone New Member

    Very nice and easy to read, some smashing photos on it well done.

    Good Luck
  4. djjkenyon

    djjkenyon New Member

    I like the site very clean, easy to get around, just the logo / banner i feel needs to be slightly different as i am struggling to read the name of the company. Also maybe a small caption about the company so everybody knows exactly what it is as if i stumbled across it i would think that from the home page it was a website with somebody showing photos they have taken and not a business.
  5. Samantha Rimmington

    Samantha Rimmington New Member

    Love the site, and the green stand out... i love it!
    I think that you logo could be bigger and the photo in the banner takes your eye away from the business name.
    I think the font you use in the section is perhaps a little to rounded.
  6. byafc

    byafc New Member

    Well done, significantly better than I could achieve.
    The site is easy to navigate, clear information and reflects what you do.
    The home page is a little bland and perhaps it needs more info with the ability to click into prices, about me etc without having to use the drop downs. Either way it will no doubt evolve over time. Grand effort.
  7. boblardo

    boblardo New Member

    One suggestion, if you are going to promote seasonal offers ie Mothers Day special, Easter etc they should be on the main page rather than be something I search for. If i am use a service for the first time it is generally after I have had a try me offer or a discount applied to my first experience

    Not try to be critical!
  8. chemikal

    chemikal New Member

    nice site. i like the colors and the layout and its relatively easy to navigate. slideshow on the front is a really good idea - gives people an idea of your photography without having to go through galleries. i do have to agree with what others have said about the logo/banner. just seems a bit small. other than that, great job!
  9. nella81

    nella81 New Member

    I agree there should be more in the front page, perhaps a little bit of an introduction to you or what yiu are all about would entice us to look further, also love the colours you have chosen, very relaxinbg and soft to supplement the photos rotating round
  10. Sergey Zamarskiy

    Sergey Zamarskiy New Member

    Hi.I like the colors but fonts needs to be changed and lack of content on the front page.Otherwise not bad for someone who is not in coding.

    Good luck.
  11. leekerno

    leekerno New Member

    Hi, love the colours used, really classic looking. I also have a problem with the font, found it hard to read. Your pictures are beautiful and I wish you luck with it all x
  12. camcan

    camcan New Member

    Hi as requested i took a look at your website and read all the other comments on here.

    I dont claim to know what im talking about when it comes to computers etc

    Your site looks nicly set out it is very easy to navigate .

    The colours you have selected compliment each other but for me dont jump out and grab me.

    If this is your first go im very impressed .

    i do agree with the comment above about using more content

    Above a very good starting block to advance from
  13. Hollywood691

    Hollywood691 New Member

    I too just looked at your site. It is very clean and professional looking. I do agree with some of the other comments about the text. Maybe on a page title or heading but most needs the font to be changed. Like the pricing page: all the lines of different pricing seem to run together and get the eyes really moving trying to read it. It should be clean and easy to decide which package I want and that interest me.

    Nice Job!
  14. BNP

    BNP New Member

    I happen to like your site. It is clean, simple, and attractive to the eye. I love how your home page contains your logo at the top in dark color, and the rest of the homepage fades in to lighter colors. It's not one color, and not just appearing to be boring. I am in the process of revamping my entire site, and learning the code to have a better understanding of how sites really work. I love your menu tabs it seems that you have a tab for all the necessary menus a person could think of. I like your site the way it is. The only alteration I would recommend in the future is maybe to have your site open as a slideshow or portfolio, then have a blog link that transfers you to your current home page, but that is just an opinion of mine. Photography sites should really reflect the photographer. Again, I do love your color scheme on your homepage . . very modern if you ask me.
  15. gianga

    gianga New Member

    i love the simplicity of this website, sometimes, simple is a lot more effective than a "busy" site. When i go on this site, the first impression i get is the professionalism and clarity of the photography. I am also a fan of the handwriting font, which is different fron your usual font. Finally, your headings are divided adequately. In the end i believe people want to see if they can get bang for their buck. Your website offers pricing right away under the header, where other companies say to contact them etc. Well done overall, good luck to u!
  16. ThatAfricanBoy

    ThatAfricanBoy New Member

    Hey, I really loved, it had this really "earthy" fell to it, which worked beautifully with the pictures. The logo was really nice, and in respect to Java and the technicality of the website; no issues at all. My only slight issue, though I suppose this is inevitable, was the heavy text in the Galleries. I would've liked to have in a box of some sort, so that the information was displayed after clicking a box, or scrolling over, but really it is a fantastic site, Well done!