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Websites Please review my Photography site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by amphotography, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. amphotography

    amphotography New Member

    Hi All!!

    Please take a look at my website www.ashmariephotography.com
    I do not know code, nor do I believe I am a web designer, so I did my best with templates provided.

  2. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Your site is simple and clean. I like that. However, the font you used on the home page is decorative, its not that easy to read. It would be good for titles, but the paragraph where you are explaining about yourself shouldnt be using that font. (I belive places that has more than 1 line of text should have a font thats easy to read)

    Good idea on having that picture that changes automaticly on the front page. I like that. (is it a .gif?)
  3. amphotography

    amphotography New Member

    Thank you for your input - I've been struggling over that part with the font. I've revised it so if you get a chance take a look.
    Also, the changing pictures are actually a slideshow of jpegs. Works out great for me to give a sampling of what you can find in my gallery. Hopefully when I get enough time those pictures will each be linked to their appropriate gallery so you can click on it and it will take you right to that page.
    Thanks again!
  4. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    There is like no space between those lines of text. Especially the 2 lines that say:
    The second line is ON TOP of the first one. Also, now the text seems a lot bigger. How about making it slightly smaller?
  5. ace2011

    ace2011 Member

    not bad for a starter site but can get better.

    The text in the header "Ashley Marie Photography" is a little small for my taste, and i think that will look better if you make it biiger.
    Also i would change the image next to your name (the red barn house) with babies photos (i see in your gallery that you like to photo babies).
    And maybe add a slide show there and not in the page bottom as you have now.
    Its the first thing that i visitor will see when visit your site and will be nice if you show him from the start what is your work about.

    and last i would change the text line height , now the text lines overlap and is not very easy to read

    Ps. nice photos
  6. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Overlap! Thats the word i was looking for. Thanks ace2011.
  7. Schnen

    Schnen New Member

    HEy I just took a look at you website.

    First of all I have to say that it looks quite good.

    I like the colours you have used - especially the brown and the green fit perfectly together for my liking.

    But as already stated you should change the font itself or the size.

    On the front page I would make the headline a little bit bigger and the text itself a bit smaller and then you would have more space inbetween the lines itself.

    This is the main concern about the other categories as well.

    If you take a look at the "services" section. I would make the headline "Services" more visible for example by leaving some space between the headline and the services itself. Then the font or the size of the text would be a thing I would overhaul. And I would resize the * part where you talk about tax etc, because it looks better when it is very small (like it is on other websites).

    Another question I have is, is there a need for a blog? I think its kind of hard to update the blog regurlarly (with important events) therefore I would think about deleting it. Just a question/thought.

    I would also reorganise your navigation section. I would personally think it would be better to have it the following way: home, about me, gallery, services etc.

    Simply because I think as a customer you would first take a look at the work (your work) itself before taking a look a the services/prices etc.

    I would also delete the "print" category and include it into the service category because both are about services and prices.

    Well I know this now might have sounded very negatively BUT i really like the main design of your homepage and think it looks good. If you resize the font or change it completely then the main critique point has been overhauled.

    I hope I was able to give you a useful feedback. And I like the photos.

    I wish you good luck in the future.

    Have a nice day :)
  8. amphotography

    amphotography New Member

    Thank you everyone for your tips. The font is something that I've been working with a ton!
    The reason for the barn is beause I do landscape photography as well and it happens to be one of my favorite photos. I do see where you're coming from with a baby photo or another piece of human photography that I've done.
    I'll work on some of your comments and post a reply when I've updated.

    Thank you all again very much! It's much appreciated.

    Oh and the blog-the reason it hasn't been updated much is because I am actually in the middle of studying for a huge exam (8hrs for one exam) that is this weekend so I haven't had nearly enough time to keep up with everything else. The blog will be updated at least weekly if not even more often as soon as that's all done.

  9. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

  10. 1075dallas

    1075dallas New Member

    Hi. Just reviewed your site. Is the barn image a photo or painting? I think it may work better if you move your slideshow to that location since you are marketing for baby, weddings, etc. I like the page that gives info on types of photos. It projects that you know what you are talking about. Maybe you can expand this part. If a customer sees you are knowledgeable then she may be more willing to call you. Same issue as others with the font. Hope this helps.
  11. kurisu

    kurisu New Member

    Hi, all the best with your venture into a photography career. I particularly like the gallery page as there is less of the writing and I have to say, some really well taken pictures. My critique again would be the font as it is really hard to read comfortably and detracts from the rest of the content. I know you have mentioned about the font being something you have been working on, so hopefully it will be resolved in due course. Also a favicon would be a good addition if you are able to add one.
  12. amphotography

    amphotography New Member

    Thank you all for some great comments.
    First, I'm discovering that due to the lack of my code knowledge I'm limited to a single photo in the upper right, not a slideshow. This is the way the template is set up and like I said, I don't know code to customize it.
    Second, I'm still trying to find a font that works great (and I've been randomly changing it and trying different sizes). I just don't care for your very boring "times new roman" and the like fonts.
    Third, for the one who asked about the barn - yes it's a photo I took last fall =)
    Fourth, thank you to everyone who commented about the pictures - more will be coming this next weekend (I have 3 sessions booked!).

    Much thanks again, and now that I have a little more time on my hands I'll be constantly trying to improve my site (well between my full time job and my photo sessions)!:D
  13. amphotography

    amphotography New Member

    Also, I use a variety of photo editors. Picnik, GIMP, and Paint.net for most of my work.
  14. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    You may want to use a free HTML Editor (makes it easier to code)
    some have good help files or user manuals (reduces the time of learning code).
    Search Google for "free HTML Editors".
    hope this helps
  15. moon

    moon New Member


    I like the site, not too much stuff on your main page makes it clean and easy to look at.

    Only constructive feedback I have is maybe looking at bullet-pointing your "Prices" page or making the information clearer at a glance.

    Also I thought the New Baby service with the two weeks notice sounds like a really good idea so could maybe be given a slightly higher profile? In fact, you could say £25 discount for advance notice (as opposed to a last minute booking)? Just an idea.

    However I do already think you have a good site there.

  16. SPFC

    SPFC New Member

    Make no changes... this site perfectly reflects your photography style.. clean, simple...emphasis on the beauty of elegance. I LIKE!
  17. lovelytemplates

    lovelytemplates New Member

    Overall website design is good. Gallery page, home page and the layout are all good. Only thing I would suggest to change is FONT. Fonts should be readable and not fancy. So, change your font to Verdana or Georgia or per your taste.
  18. gateinnfc

    gateinnfc New Member

    Just taken a look at your site. Like others have said your home page is very good, clean,crisp & classy. Your Ashley Marie Photography font on the site at the minute looks good, but definately make it bigger.
    On the About Me page, maybe drop the working elsewhere & do photography on the side piece. For me, makes it sound a little unprofessional, but your pictures are very professional.

    Hope this of help.
  19. 31jim83

    31jim83 New Member


    I have no web expertise but just clicked on your website so thought I would tell you what I like and dislike from a consumers point of view

    I really like the simple colours especially the green and the brown. They give the site a sophisticated expensive look and I like the font for the title of "Ashley Marie Photography" but agree with other comments that it needs to be made bigger and maybe changed to black to stand out better.

    I think the blurb about you on the front page needs changing to a different font (no idea what) but just doesnt seem to convey the same classy message as the site.

    I also think the home page needs to convey who you are more and how to contact you maybe with contact details at the side or bottom so you cant miss it.

    It took me a little while to actually find out how to contact you and this maybe needs to jump out at you much more.

    Love the pictures and the smooth transitions.

    The all important pricing page I think could be easier on the eye as there is a lot of text again in a font that i dont think is that good for the bulk of text.

    Overall I think it conveys a professional message and says to me that the photographer will be decent too.

    Hope that helps

  20. Anna Hussie

    Anna Hussie Banned

    No issues with the design but i think you should use more content on the front page.Because content has the ultimate authority.