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Websites Please Review My New Modern Eco-Friendly Buthtub site!!

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Matt Torres, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Matt Torres

    Matt Torres New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    [FONT=Times New Roman, serif]vascanellavasca.org [/FONT]provides different type of bathroom suits and shower kits at affordable price. If you want to know more information on the changing bathtubs, bathtub shower then click at this web site.

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  2. boatbuilder

    boatbuilder New Member

    Looks ok, the gallery could be done better, maybe just use a pop up lightbox instead of taking you away to a separate gallery.
  3. household61974

    household61974 New Member

    If you at all care to market to anyone who doesn't speak Italian, might I suggest you also have available versions in other languages. Maybe something in the upper left corner that says (in the applicable language) "Website in English" with a small American (or British?) flag next to it. Users can click on their preferred language.
  4. leebooker

    leebooker New Member

    Have to agree with the comment above, be better if the website was available in other languages. Also though, the links down the left handside would it make more sense to open up in the same window rather than opening another one.
  5. soccertrev17

    soccertrev17 New Member

    The website layout seems easy to use. I might recommend adding some more pictures to the gallery. I can't read any of the text because it is in another language, but the setup of the website looks nice.
  6. Gerry0587

    Gerry0587 New Member

    As others have said it could be a good idea to have an option link to change the language. However this depends in your target market. If you are only selling this bath accesories in Italy maybe you can stick with the italian language, however, it wont be a bad idea to have an option to change the language to english as it is popularly used in mostly of the countries. All in all is a great commercial site for italian people primarily.
  7. sleighton

    sleighton New Member

    Definitley a language bar needed - unfortunately this restricted anything i could do
  8. rainv99

    rainv99 New Member

    Nice and simple, but should be in English also.
  9. VeyronQ

    VeyronQ Member

    nice girl =D
    simple site , easy to use, but i think its lacking of multi-language selection?
    because i cant understand Italian. sorry. Kinda need more pictures and videos in the media gallery.
  10. AWORRALL93

    AWORRALL93 New Member

    looks great mate. it looks like a high quality standard and you can tell that you have put a lot of work into it.
  11. Daventry

    Daventry New Member

    Looking at the website as a consumer, there should be an option to view the website in english. But as others have posted above, if your target market is only "Italian", then it isn't necessary. But if you are thinking of a larger market, an english option is a necessaty.

    There is a mistake in your programming of the menu buttons. When the user clicks on them, they take you to an entirely new window. Ideally, it should just take you to the next page and not have a new window opening.

    If it were me, I would change the font and the color of the text on the menu buttons and make it something fancier and stand out more for the viewers...without it being overbearing ;)

    Additional photos on your Gallery page is a must...and I also recommend going to some kind of a lightbox popup to display the photos, as it would look much more professional.
  12. NXG50k

    NXG50k New Member

    well it looks good but i could not read anything on your site sorry..
  13. BillyC

    BillyC New Member

    The site is in Italian language, do you have any provision for people who don't understand Italian???
    I couldn't find any such thing, if you really want to market your site all round the world then you have to think for the same.
    I guess you should have designed the site in American or British English and kept the provision for Italian language and some other languages too. I am telling you to primarily design the site in American or British English, because these are the two most common languages understood and used all round the world.
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