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Websites Please review my freebies site.

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by queenbee, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. queenbee

    queenbee New Member

    Picked a tough category when I decided on free samples, freebies and discounts. There are sooo many sites out there now. Feeling very humble after viewing the sites offered here...I am a simpleton and course in comparison to all your talents.

    Please consider looking at my site and provide some very candid feedback.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time.


  2. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    A link would be helpful fella.
  3. queenbee

    queenbee New Member

    Freebees Freebies link to review site

    Best Online Freebees, Free Samples, Coupons & Shipping.

    Oops...here ya go and thanks.

  4. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Its horrrible, sorry but its all over the place!
  5. queenbee

    queenbee New Member

    Additional feedback

    How about suggestions?

    Can you perhaps describe "horrible" so that I know what changes should occur? Feedback would be appreciated, that is specifics so I can take it a step at a time.

    Thanks again for taking the time.
  6. GG

    GG Active Member

    Hi :)

    Well honestly..it's got A LOT on it. You need to clear it up for example your navigation links at the top, there's way too many try to put them down the side so it is coming down that way it'll look less confusing...

    Also some of your text is over lapping on some images..Like your 'Featured Merchants' is getting in the way of 'Recent Posts/Freebies' you need to shrink the size of the image

    If it was s visitor that was on your site I think they would just click of it because there is too much info on the 1st page..But you've given it a try which is good..keep trying don't give up and you'll get there.

    Also pick a good colour scheme for the site you've used a bright pink and a darker pink but it looks like you've just put the colours anywhere.

    Overall, you need to clear it up..Use less text on the 1st page because that puts me off, change the navigation so it is coming down. Try to get rid of the white background on your website header. Finally, use less text than you have now because there's too much on there.

    Good Luck
    Hope this helps :)
  7. TheWomensGame

    TheWomensGame New Member

    Okay QB, GenGraphics and DJWilson are right although I wouldn't call it horrible, it's just disorganised.

    But constructive criticism is what you are here for.

    Here's the deal, think of the most popular sites in your category, online shops etc. Think about what you like and what you don't.

    1. Front Page - This is your window shop and right now it says "cluttered wardrobe sale.":( The front page should be cleaner. You need to sit down and write up a site map with major categories and then the various sub categories. There should be no more than 6 - 8. Currently you seem to have a lot of duplications.

    2. Ads - I know you need them to pay for the site but you need to group them better. They are all over the place. It is probably better that the ads be on the relevant pages instead of all of them on the first page.

    3. Less is more - You need more focus. As you mentioned there are lots of sites in this category. There are so many categories that, unless you are a large corporation, it is difficult to cover them all. Focus on a couple of areas which, if possible, are linked. You need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.

    Just a couple of ideas that can get you started. The key thing is GET ORGANISED. On paper first and then transfer it on the net. At the moment waaaaaayyy too much going on at first look.
  8. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Great review there Ann!
    Fantastic to see you on board mate! :)

  9. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    If you direct your time to selected areas, you can make a top site out of it.
    Start and select one area at a time to improve, then select another.
    You need several analytics to track the changes and effects.
    First divide the site up into sections, then list the areas to improve.
    These areas are not necessarily the order or priority, just suggestions
    Remember, you selected a tough area to compete, but you still can get Google page one (1) with the right (correct) advise and direction
    The banner is one area
    The navigation is another
    The source code (meta tags) is another
    The body is several divisions
    The footer is another
    Right side and left side is another
    I will address source code first (not necessarily a priority) - just what I want to discuss first - my priority - you may want to save to correct later.
    Several things about source code you need to accomplish.
    Check the competition and see what they are doing - take notes
    You need to collect all the keywords they use and all you can think of.
    Make a list of single keywords, multiple keywords (two and three keywords combined) such as "square" and "square area" for math.
    Then use a good keyword suggestion tool. I use several. The results I have achieved with help from the forums (Google page one item one for my title as keyword).
    The keyword tool I use most "wordtracker" Free keyword suggestion tool for SEO, Adwords & blogging
    Don't worry, it is free.
    Don't use empty keywords (keywords not used in the body of the page)
    Use the keywords wisely for effect (both position and traffic)
    Track the results with analytics. I use several.
    One I use is "GoStats" and I list each page as a different site. Then optimize each page as a separate site (works for me).
    GoStats Free Analytics & Website Hit Counter, Download Now
    Then you need web page analyzers, such as
    Free Search Engine Optimization | Free SEO Tools
    I use several
    This should give you a start. Prepare for the worst, expect the best, you will make it.
    (by the way, all this information and more is on my site)
    Wish you the best. I will give more information later.
    hope this helps
  10. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    These are the first two listings in Google for "best online
    freebies, free samples

    Google search for:
    best online freebies, free samples

    100% REAL Free Samples | Freebies | Free Stuff
    Google listing:
    100% REAL Free Samples | Freebies | Free Stuff
    New free samples added every single day. 100% real freebies with.
    ... All the best free sites and services on the net organized by
    category. ... Free space online. Domain hosting and registration,
    online file storage, and image and ...
    100% REAL Free Samples | Freebies | Free Stuff - Cached - Similar

    <title>100% REAL Free Samples | Freebies | Free Stuff</title>

    <meta name="description" content="NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. New
    free samples added every single day. 100% real freebies with.
    Free stuff in tons of categories with no strings attached." />

    Google listing:
    TheFreeSite.com is the Web's largest resource of free stuff ...
    Welcome to TheFreeSite.com, Home of the Web's Best Freebies. ...
    Online Giveaways, Sweepstakes... Free Samples Cosmetics, Food,
    Medicine. ...
    www.thefreesite.com/ - Cached - Similar

    <TITLE>TheFreeSite.com is the Web's largest resource of free stuff,
    freebies, freeware, samples, downloads, email, games, free
    software, fonts, Webmaster programs, MP3s, sweepstakes, contests,
    coupons, catalogs</TITLE>

    <meta name="description" content="TheFreeSite.com offers the Web's
    largest collection of freebies and freeware. We offer free stuff
    including free samples, fonts, games, graphics, mobile phone items,
    anonymous browsing services, Webmaster freebies, email service,
    Web hosting, chat programs, screensavers, contests, java,
    javascript, coupons and free MP3s.">

    also don't forget misspellings (mispillings)
    Free Useful Stuff a resource about everything free on the Net. The ...
    Free stuff at Web freebees, You won't find any junk, scams, or lies on this website. we review and approve everything we post! If you want free stuff, ...
    Advertise - Friends Pages - Freebie Site Links - Cash
    Free Useful Stuff a resource about everything free on the Net. The Web's Freebees!! - Cached - Similar
    Lafreebee: Free things to do & Free Stuff in Los Angeles 2010
    Feb 23, 2010 ... Free stuff , Freebies and Free things in Los Angeles 2010, Movies, Concerts, Art, Goods, Food, Drinks, Dating, Travel, Groups, Services, ...
    Calendar - Stuff in Los Angeles - Concerts - Orange County
    lafreebee.com/ - 9 hours ago - Cached - Similar
    Freebees. Freebee. Frebies. Todays Frebies.
    Freebees. Frebies. Todays Freebees. Free stuff online for fun and money. Music Freebies. Freebees search engine also. Find all your freebess here.
    Freebees. Freebee. Frebies. Todays Frebies. - Cached - Similar
    hope this helps
  11. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Something I don't normally show
    GoStats report on one of the over 200 pages of my site
    A mathematics page "statistics program"
    [not the most popular - but for those needing mathematics for school]
    (this page has only been tracked about 2 months - I track the pages I am actively modifying and change the content for effect - if improvement the changes stay - if not I make other changes or revert back)
    This demonstrates the advantage of GoStats (I use the free edition)
    GoStats display of the page
    Site: "Sum of Squares" [ Standard Deviation "Sum of Squares" - Calculates Variance and Standard Deviation, program listing for the TI-83/84 with formula. ]

    Total counter state:

    Hits: 671
    Hosts: 357
    Visitors: 357
    Sessions: 564

    From the beginning of the month:

    Hits: 391
    Hosts: 198
    Visitors: 196
    Sessions: 313
    New Visitors: 263

    Last week:

    Hits: 104
    Hosts: 89
    Visitors: 88
    Sessions: 102
    New Visitors: 93
    The reason I show you this is to help and direct
    you towards "Google page one" for your site.
    Remember to use GoStats for analytics for each page
    (each page listed as a separate website)
    hope this helps
  12. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Sum of Squares - keywords (search words)
    from GoStats - it gives you the search (keywords) words that they
    used to locate the page - important for optimizing the page
    (using the proper keywords) for more traffic

    sum of squares standard deviation
    total sum of squares calculator
    how to calculate sum of squares on ti
    sum of squares calculator
    how to calculate the sum of squares
    calculate sum of squares
    how to obtain sum of squares from summary statistics
    If the standard deviation of some data is 36, what is the variance?
    sum of squares ti 83
    sum of squared deviations
    (this is some of the keywords for search that visitors used -
    Gostats lists about 4 pages that they use to find the page
    (and remember it is free)

    By using GoStats properly, you can increase the effectiveness of
    your campaign. Your campaign is to obtain "Google page one"
    (remember, you can use the free edition to achieve this goal)
    a little harder because of the topic you chose but achievable
    Also remember, this forum is very good because of some of the
    great moderators (I still want to see Covert Peas piece of string)
    with CP, Ishkey, TheWomensGame (a new but upcomer member - expect
    her to become a moderator), BMColl, Mimoun (administrator) and the active
    members who are trying to help each other and contribute to this
    hope this helps
  13. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    I looked at the site
    The page freebies - you need a home button
    You are not using the right side correctly
    List your advertisements there
    Your main page should be content with articles and comments
    Then if relevant and appropriate, you can have advertisements in
    with the articles or comments (not too excessive) one, maybe two
    The left side for your menu
    advertisements below the menu (don't scare the visitor away before he, or she, sees something they are interested in
    That should help organize your site - and add more content
    (note: a good place to obtain information is the local library - check the reference desk for guidance - they can be a tremendous help. You need to beat the competition, don't pass up any free help you can get.
    When asking for help, be specific (not general) ask for particular information (and remember - there is more than one library)
    I have several public libraries (online) listed on my site
    Learn how to use them (it will put you ahead of those who don't use them). Competition is very great for your subject (Freebies), Your goal still should be Google page one. It is obtainable
    Also I noticed the competition using many stopwords with their keywords.
    That means they are not researching keywords (or not doing it properly)
    therefore you have a better chance. You need to know what stopwords are.
    English Stopwords
    Online SEO Guide: Google Stop Words - A Comprehensive List Of Words Google Ignores
    Google Goes for Stop Words - Search Engine Watch (SEW)
    hope this helps
  14. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Another page listing from GoStats
    Since it is getting traffic, I need to look for an appropriate
    affiliate. Thinking of "Ace" hardware
    Reason: name recognition and appropriate with the site
    Now, I only have Google ads. Better to have quality ads
    than quantity. Too many ads clutter up the site and do
    not perform as well as fewer quality ads
    Also placement is important. Google and other ad sites have
    information on placement. Do not neglect this information
    Standard layout is important (sometimes good to do non-standard)
    but mostly, standard layout performs well.
    Look at other sites and see how you feel about their ads and placement
    also you may find some ads that you would like on your site
    Now the reason I showed you my analytics
    Many times visitors do not go through the index page but directly
    to the web page. For this reason, you need to optimize the pages
    as if the were separate sites. Also internal links to similar pages
    help reduce the bounce rate (immediately leaving). It has helped
    me a lot - that is why I have several internal links (links from one
    of my pages to a similar page on my site)
    Here is what Google says about keywords
    Changing your site's title and description in search results - Webmaster Tools Help
    My web pages are being (meaning changing) optimized for the best appropriate keywords for that topic and page (this is a constant or dynamic maintenance task) in order to stay at a good position (remember,
    every day someone else is trying to be number one, and you need to
    defend your position)
    again, about 2 mos of analytics
    hope this helps

    Site: "Plumbing Laundry Sink" [ Plumbing Laundry Sink, replacement, repair with pictures, drawings ]

    Total counter state:

    Hits: 707
    Hosts: 266
    Visitors: 275
    Sessions: 408

    From the beginning of the month:

    Hits: 228
    Hosts: 90
    Visitors: 95
    Sessions: 139
    New Visitors: 125

    Last week:

    Hits: 69
    Hosts: 36
    Visitors: 44
    Sessions: 55
    New Visitors: 52
  15. queenbee

    queenbee New Member

    Thank you for the feedback on Freebees Freebies

    My appreciation for you all in taking the valuable time to review my site is an understatement at best! :) Thank you very much for the wonderful advise and feedback.

    The last two weeks I have blown up the home page and revamped to a simplistic look...which I feel misses the mark. This will be work in progress and suggestions some of you have made will be implemented. (Some already have been implemented.)

    Keywords have been showing an improvement, however bleak that they are currently. My google webmasters tools & more has been a great tool in which to learn from.

    Have had a couple setbacks in regards to the forum I preciously had up. Actually chose to take it down as it had been hacked. Another issue I am having in my session manager are visitors to my site that are in the areas seemingly u page related and possibly unsafe. ie...the same visitor trying to log in over 86 times...coupled with the fact that for the last week I am showing ZERO visits to my site via google analytics...though I have had friends visit several of my pages from another state so I could see if they are indeed showing up in google analytics. They did not show up there. But did showup in my session manager in my wordpress dashboard. Any suggestions on this problem?

    Navyfalcon..great nickname :)... you have made some great suggestions for my site. The freebie page "not" showing a home button was a serious, simpleton blunder on my part. I utilize this page for my rolling posts that I send out to approximately 11 sociable sites. A static page though. Have wanted to change to a regular blog with categories, but afraid of all the permalink issues it will create. Just the revamping I have done already has posed a bit of trouble for me.

    Header logo and background colors are work in progress. My header logo I created and need to put some time into recreating it without the white background as suggested...though the initial effect was to look like bees had buzzed by the letters causing a small wave....missed that look bigtime...my color scheme has been described as bright pink...it actually is burnt salmon with white linen in the sidebars...perhaps their monitor scheme is not set to see these colors??

    My beginning ranking with Alexa was at 21 million in the last 6 to 9 months..discounting the several weeks (three different times too) that my site was completely down and unfound...I have gained small ground in getting to 3.2 million...baby steps of progress with high hopes that the changes you have all suggested that I continue to implement...show in my rankings soon.

    Again, a huge thank you for your feedback and for taking so much time to help this humble novice.

    Would sincerely hope that one of you experts can indicate what is going on with my google analytics...rather concerns me.

    Have a great day all!


  16. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Google analytics are a day behind - GoStats are active (that is why I use both Google analytics and GoStats - a kind of crosscheck (note: both are free) also I use StatCounter (also free)
    StatCounter Free invisible Web tracker, Hit counter and Web stats
    GoStats Free Analytics & Website Hit Counter, Download Now
    They make a good across the board check. Each one has its advantages.
    I use GoStats to keep an active check on my modification results.
    Google analytics to track my adsense account and StatCounter to
    verify the results from both of the others. Also use other tools, but those for
    the reasons I mentioned.
    hope this helps
  17. discussourfuture

    discussourfuture New Member

    Hi Queenbee,

    As a user I have to be honest and agree with some comments before, that it is too busy. However, this is purely subjective. I mean, I don't know what FREEBIES, FREE SAMPLES, CONTESTS, SWEEPSTAKES, BUZZ DEALS, FREE SHIPPING, COUPON CODES, REBATES, DISCOUNTS & THE HIGHEST QUALITY ONLINE STORES!
    are, so I cannot really comment on that, but even still I think you really have a lot of information and links on your homepage, and even more on your other pages. What is your page actually about?

    At the same time you say you like my site, and that's actually based on keeping it very quiet;
    As an amateur webdesigner myself, I would suggest to try a simple white background. Don't let tables run over pictures like on the top left of the homepage. Make the linked pictures in the table at the bottom right the same size and order them a bit. Again, this is very sujective.

    What program do you use to do webdesign? Did you use a template for this website?

    Best regards,

  18. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Examples of titles and description of "freebie sites"
    Get ideas and keywords from them and use them effectively

    <title>100% REAL Free Samples | Freebies | Free Stuff</title>

    <meta name="description" content="NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. New
    free samples added every single day. 100% real freebies with.
    Free stuff in tons of categories with no strings attached." />
    - - -
    <title>Free Samples / Freebies / Free</title>

    meta name="description" content="100% Real Freebies! Today's Free
    List is updated with a complete new list of Free Stuff every 24
    hours. All the coupons & free samples by mail you'll need!">
    - - -
    <title>AbsurdlyCool Freebie Finder</title>

    <meta name="description" content="Freebie Finder automatically
    finds freebies and free samples. It finds free stuff while
    filtering out scams and referral pyramids.">
    - - -
    <title>Hey, It's Free!™ | Daily freebies, free stuff, and free

    <meta name="description" content="100% legit freebies. We post
    samples every day. If you love free stuff, then all you'll ever
    need is a sense of humor and mailing address!" />
    - - -
    <title>Free Samples | Freebies | Free Stuff on CoolFreebieLinks

    <meta name="description" content="We offer useful free samples
    freebies and free stuff for babies, kids, teens, teachers,
    christians, men and women.">
    - - -
    <TITLE>Free Stuff, Free Samples, Freebies - GoFreebies.com</TITLE>

    <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Browse hundreds of links to
    freebies and free stuff online. Join our newsletter and enter a
    daily drawing for fabulous prizes.">
    - - -
    <title>weeklyfreebie.com -- freebies, coupons, bargains, and deals

    <meta name="description" content="WeeklyFreebie.com - Freebies,
    Deals, Coupons, and Bargains since 1996." />
    - - -
    hope this helps
  19. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    If someone went to the trouble to log on 86 times - sounds like he is putting some malware on the system. Could be why the analytics shows no visitors. Are they (the hackers) stealing visitors. Also you need to check your advertisements to see if they are redirecting your ads visitors to their site (stealing your Google ads and other ads).
    If you don't know how to check; try this:
    Virus Removal Instructions
    You may need more tools and information. The new "college educated, computer hacker knowledged, field experienced", kids are a real challenge to prevent their hacking into a computer and leaving keylogers, spyware and other malware. Antimalware companies are at least a month behind if not more. You need to learn manual removal (besides having a good firewall and more than one antivirus (or antimalware) software (one for automatic scan and one or more for scan on demand[manual scan]).
    hope this helps
  20. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    This forum has been telling you about your first page and the advertisements
    plus importance of keywords.
    Now, I will show you what they mean.
    Do a Google search for: "Statistics sum of squares"
    Google second (2) page, no ten (10)
    "Standard Deviation "Sum of Squares" - Calculates Variance and ...
    freetutorials.name/Reference1/StdDevSS.html - Cached - Similar
    freetutorials.name is my site
    Looked at "cached"
    Statistics (keyword) is in yellow
    Sum (keyword) is in blue
    Squares (keyword) is in green
    see how Google highlights the keywords they find
    They use this and other data to determine your placement
    This is your listing
    Best Online Freebees, Free Samples, Coupons & Shipping.
    freebeesfreebies.com/ - Cached
    Free Sample Green Tea & Benefits of Drinking Green Tea! | Freebees ...
    Jan 14, 2010 ... Freebees Freebies Stores ... www.GreenTea1.com |. Share and Enjoy: ... Freebees Freebies TigerDirect Deals ...
    freebeesfreebies.com/.../free-sample-green-tea-benefits-of-drinking-green-tea/ - Cached

    Show more results from freebeesfreebies.com
    Your listing is good
    You have double listings and more results
    To do better, you need your keywords within the first 100 words of the body of your page. Your advertisements prevent that. Unless you are making so much on your advertisements that you need a "Brinks" truck to carry your deposits to the bank, I suggest you listen to what so many have said. Redesign the first (or main page) so your content (which you have control) is the first 100 words or more. Place your ads so they do not destroy your content
    Your cache does not show many keywords. Now you know why it is so important. I am modifying my page to get better position. Trying for page one. That is one way to do it.
    You do well for "freebees freebies" Google page one, but what about "freebies" or "freebees"
    Not too well. How many people are going to search for "freebees freebies"
    That is why you need these keywords in the first 100 words of your site.
    They usually search for "freebies" or maybe "freebees" but not both although some may search for both. To increase your visitors, change the site layout so you can get the keywords listed.
    hope this helps