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Websites Please review my design for a self cert mortgage company

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by wenczmastah, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. wenczmastah

    wenczmastah New Member

    Hey everyone, I just recently finished a new design for the company am working with, i am still learning webdesign and I would love to get some feedback from fellow web designers
    the website is : www .self-cert-mortgage-centre.co.uk/

    thanks a lot
  2. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    It looks professional and convincing. I'm surprised you have a rel="nofollow" on links to your home page ...
  3. Anwar04<3

    Anwar04<3 Member

    Very professional and it look pretty good as well . Good Job ^-^
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Your title and description
    <title>Self Cert Mortgages: Mortgages for Self Employed & No Proof of Income</title>

    <meta name="Description" content="Self-employed or cannot prove your income? We may be able to
    help. Click to learn more about self cert mortgages at Self-Cert-Mortgage-Centre.co.uk">

    1st step in improvement; check the competition:




    http://www.mtgprofessor.com/A - Qualifying/is_the_market_tough_on_selfemployed.htm



    2nd step is to evaluate what you like and what you don't like

    Consider the header (top part of the page)

    Consider the navigation (usually top part of page, across the top or left side of page)

    body of page (where you put your message)

    Left and right columns (where you put ads or where you put links for information)

    Bottom or footer (where you put information or another menu)

    3rd step to evaluate what changes would help your page

    - - -
    hope this helps
  5. Looks simple and neat. Overall a pretty good professional site.