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Websites Please review and advice: KeepLookingBusy.com

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by digitsy, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. digitsy

    digitsy New Member

  2. unhallowedangel

    unhallowedangel Logo Specialist

    I think your site is great!!!! I love how you did the whole,"Take A Nap". But anyway, its also a great way for people to do stuff they can't usually do at work. I suggest you to maybe add a new page that is like a Microsoft word looking template or something so when their boss comes in they can look like they are working.
  3. bmcoll3278

    bmcoll3278 New Member

    Novel Idea nice and simple. a great affiliate site I will link to you. I only get about 30 new views a day but every link helps. The link say Keep looking buzy and will be on the front page under free web stuff at bmcoll.com
  4. xHero

    xHero New Member

    HAHAHA! Brilliant. The only possible way to improve would be to incorporate different Word Processing Program Themes. I love this site and bookmarked it already. Great Job!!!
  5. oklol911

    oklol911 New Member

    Really nice idea! This is also good for school! The only thing is that it needs more options to let you use and adding some words in the "Take A Nap" section.
  6. Tajj

    Tajj New Member

    This is so cool!!! Great idea!
  7. reganstar

    reganstar New Member

    Funny site. Take a nap not work at me. You also can make a Google search page:)
  8. kafito

    kafito New Member

    Funny site. Great idea!
  9. Matt23

    Matt23 New Member

    This really is a great site. I can't really think of anything you can do to improve it though. :)
  10. clowie

    clowie New Member

    You are a genius :)
    Thank you for this!

    I suggest you to add some sites with good jokes.
    However some people may look funny if they start laughting
    when they read an "important document" :)
  11. jdavis

    jdavis New Member

    I think the idea is awesome for this site. Very clever. I like everything about it, except I would recommend adding more options for the user, rather than just news, amazon, and ebay. What else would someone be interested in? Besides that, great site and great idea.
  12. James D

    James D New Member

    Wow another way to work hard at getting out of work. As an employer its sites like this and “ideas” like this that cause so many work place problems and are criminal.

    Basically what you are doing is encouraging people to lie and cheat. Lying because they are making it appear they are actually working when they are not. This is deceptive which is defined as lying, and cheating because they are defrauding the company of payroll money for their time at work when they are not working.

    As an employer my perspective is opposite of most posters here, I think its a shame and you should use your ideas for honest and productive endeavors, not for fraud
  13. markspenser

    markspenser Banned

    dear what is the industry of this site

    what this site is all about?
    please first upload the site then let me check.
  14. dfetl1

    dfetl1 New Member

    For a job security job site you should take out the highligthed advertiseing and make it more looking like a business letter. Because once you click on the advertisement you are done.

  15. BostonBruisers

    BostonBruisers New Member

    Omg so funny... checked out the sleep title and it looks like ur about to type something. Very very bright person... As someone else add a joke page... But update it everyday
  16. gamingos

    gamingos New Member

    I like it. great idea..simple layout for ease of use. great
  17. Jfjoker

    Jfjoker New Member

    Interesting idea for a website. Nice and simple layout that is easy to follow. Maybe add a few more options like google search or simple word games. But it is a really nice site how it is now.
  18. JimmyT85

    JimmyT85 New Member

    This site is awesome.

    Looks fantastic and very discrete. I will be sure to show my friends this in work, haha.

    As has been said above, a Google search or even a Wikipedia seach would be the icing on the cake for me.
  19. esd5001

    esd5001 New Member

    It's a REALLY good site, buuut I'm not really feeling the Microsoft Word layout.
  20. WIPS10

    WIPS10 New Member

    This website is really sweet!! Yeah I will have to agree, that if you can add some more Word style settings on there just for effect it would bring a lot to the website. Right now it looks pretty cool, but the difference between a good website and a great website is just going that extra step further than the rest. Great job so far and I really hope you add more Word settings!! I will be checking back in soon!!