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Graphics photoshop masters help me out...

Discussion in 'Free Graphics' started by t3-web, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. t3-web

    t3-web New Member

    guys can someone do some image treatment with some of these pictures to make it like a bill board type...
    I´ve been a model during 3 years, but all my work is copyrighted so i can´t use it...
    Now i own a models and events company and i would like some images to make prints to boards, flyers, and stuff like that...
    i have a couple of pictures and a goofy example made in photoshop... help me out here guys... thanks in advance...
    ps- please try to make me look tanned, cause it´s winter here and there´s no sun to cath... lol

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Thread Status:
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