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Websites Opinions on site please..:0

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by barra, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. barra

    barra New Member

    Havnt been around much recently...busy busy.

    What do you think of this home made website?

    Qride mackay motorcycle school icence training

    I am struggling with one aspect though.

    Lets say I copy the url form the main page and paste it into the status bar. When i do this i am given a selection of thumbnails to choose from and to the right some of the text on the web page is also displayed.

    The thing is that It wont do this for every page. I have no idea what I have done to restrich it. Can anyone give any suggestions.
  2. simonlarkin

    simonlarkin New Member

    I'm afraid I don't have the knowledge to help you with your problem but I think the site looks very professional. I love the idea of the link buttons at both the top and bottom of the pages. I just felt it was a lot to take in as soon as the home page opened. I realise that this is a serious subject but maybe simplify the home page then go into depth through the links, I just felt a little overwhelmed at first and didn't know where to focus my attention first. 10 out of 10 for the quality information though.
  3. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    There is an address bar
    There is a search bar
    There is a status bar
    I believe the address bar is the top bar
    The search bar is about 1 inch below the address bar
    and the status bar is at the bottom
    Please correct me if I am incorrect
    The address bar and the search bar direct me to the page address I insert
    I am using Firefox with Google search (Internet Explorer may be different)
    Please check the bottom menu (dropdown)
    The top is OK but the bottom needs a color change
    Black text on a dark blue background does not have enough contrast
    (maybe a white background when you scroll over it)
    hope this helps
  4. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Not too sure what you are on about, but for e.g.;

    I have copied the URL from each of your website pages, gone to a different website, pasted the URL back in and it does take me to that page

    Oh nice to see your still using the blacked out bike on your website
  5. barra

    barra New Member

    Thanks for the word guys...appreciated.. I like the black bike..lol There was a lot of pressure for me to change it but I kept it like that cause thats the way it was made....lol

    Re the status bar thing.

    go to your facebook page. Where you type in your new message ( not a comment on someone elses message though) paste the link to my website-the home page.

    When you do this you will be able to choose which thumbnail you would like to display and some text that has been drawn form the site will be displayed to the right of the thumbnail..

    Then try the same thing with the qride info page... no text?? the picture is there but there isnt any text. I find that some of the pages display the test and others dont.

    I wonder why this happens.


    Yes I do have to adjust the colours of the droping boxes. thanks
  6. boatbuilder

    boatbuilder New Member

    Nice site. Concise and clear, not information overload when you first visit.
    The writing in the images is very hard to read, are they phone numbers or something?
  7. moon

    moon New Member


    This is the first website I have reviewed so I hope this info comes in useful.

    It's clear that your website relates to riding bikes and that you are accredited for what you do. I also like the strong theme of orange which gives a clear identity.
    I like your black logo and the 4 motorbike pics as well.

    I did orginally get a bit mixed up whether you are Learn 2 Ride or Queensland Motorcycle Club but that might just be me.

    I thought the really good killer stuff that shows what is special about what you do was hidden away a bit further down the page. I'm talking about the writing, all really good stuff where the main points should be bullet-pointed and within plain view when seeing the main page for the first time. I am talking about:-
    - You are accredited by the Government,
    - you have a passion for biking yourself,
    - courses for beginner to more advance rider,
    - private off road training area,
    - air-conditionaed classroom,
    - learner training includes free use of bikes and safety helmets/jackets/gloves,
    - training plan and methods designed to get you riding safely/confidently/enjoying it.
    All killer stuff that can be summed up quite quickly and in the minds of your potential clients, clearly shows why they should choose you and why you are worth the money more than your competitors. Is the equipment used in your pics the free equipment you provide? There

    Then maybe a clear link that takes you to another page showing the courses available.

    I also really like your big positive "Testimonials" logo, shows real confidence in what your clients think of the service you offer so this should also be higher up the page, maybe the next thing they see after the above bullet-points.

    This means that I would relegate the "Learn to ride with..." 3 line quote much further down the page as I don't really feel this adds as much value as the above bullet-points. I would also get rid completely of the black bar (a prominent link to the list of courses you offer would take care of this).

    This is only my opinion and I hope you can see my suggestions are purely aimed at promoting the good stuff that is already on your website that I think adds the most value to your business.

  8. moon

    moon New Member

    NB - There is also some really good info in your FAQ that IMHO deserves promotion to the main page ("What makes your course different to others" & "Discounts and Specials").

    Hope this all helps. :)

  9. barra

    barra New Member

    Thanks moon.

    comments appreciated.

    Re the black bar. it does have hyperlinkes embedded but unless ou were looking at the cursor you wouldnt know. Having said thatI think I will get rid of the black bar and see how it looks.

    I waffle on a bit and find I end up with way too many bullet points..lol

    Ill give that another go as well..

    mmmmm I wonder if I remove the black bar, lift the pics up and put the bullet points above the current wording??....

    Ill try that too.

    I can feel a few late nights coming on...

    I hadnt thought of a larger linkto the FAQ section on the main page other than the existing nav bar but thats worth a go as well.

    good on you Mooon, you have been a good help.
  10. MrFunk

    MrFunk New Member

    I looked at your website without reading anything else. I always think that's best because it comes the closest to being a regular visitor.

    THe overview is pretty good. One thing I noticed, is that I can't read the text in the little photos, which is kinda annoying, because I'm wondering what it says.

    I would remove everything which is under "For more information or to book a course call us on 0447714336 or email here". The second and copied menu bar seems misplaced and not needed. Everything under it is the same. Misplaced and/or not needed. There is even a third menu bar... If someone is looking for your contact information or location they will go to 'Contact us' (like on any site), so you don't need it on the homepage.

    Also: with clicking on some menu bottons it seems the whole page loads again, and with some only the frame under the menu loads. Try and make that uniform.

    Maybe it would be nice to give the menu button under which you are a different colour so you know where you are on the website.

    Hope this feedback helps a bit.
  11. barra

    barra New Member

    Thank you for your observations.

    The test on the little pics on the main page cant be altered as the pics have been captured from the vid which is on the second page. I do all of this on a laptop with a small screen Ind I use the zoom feture a lot to read small stuff.. Sometimes that clouds my scaling of things..

    Ive removed the nav bar from the main page and altered the info. I tend to find that google does pick up that fine print at the bottom so there is a benefit to keeping it. Hope it looks a little less fragmented though.

    I also changed the colour of the drop down boxes on the top of page nav bar. Must get to removing the bottom nav bar on the other pages I guess.

    I dont think my software allows me to colour an individual choice on the nav bar differently. Looking into that further.

    Thanks again and Ill take what you have said onboard.


  12. Wakies

    Wakies New Member

    Rookie Review

    Hi there, I am not by any means an expert - (Im just in the process of setting up my 1st site from a template and needing lots of help!), so this review is given just from the perspective of a potential visitor to your site :D (female, non bike enthusiast, so not target audience)

    I found that your site had lots of great information on it (which is what its all about :)) and you have obviously put alot of work into it.

    Visually, I did find it very 'busy'. There is lots of different fonts, indents, colours, colums, underlining, bulleting etc. which I found distracting.

    I liked the page navigation at the bottom, I think it adds to the sites usability, not having to scroll back up to the top.

    Good luck :D
  13. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    Is it just me, or are the navigation buttons on the top a little blurred out? :confused:
  14. Rosecityparanormal

    Rosecityparanormal New Member

    I agree with Boatbuilder on the clear and concise. I like it. The text on the photos needs some changing to an easier font to read. I really like the orange for the use of background. It makes the words pop and it definitely catches your attention. Very nice.
    This part on your home page: "Learn2ride

    We are located in Mackay and conduct Q Ride Re licence and R licence motorcycle rider training and assessments, beginner courses, advanced rider courses and road craft courses.

    Use your bike or ours. Safety equipment provided free of charge."---maybe needs some attention. It feels a bit awkward and the font size may be to small for some to read. I hope this helps some.
  15. jamie_n_93

    jamie_n_93 New Member

    As a motorcycle user myself I came across a lot of sites like your own when setting out to learn to ride, and I have to say your site is really good! The bright colouring is immediately eye catching and stands out which is great and the fact that you have organised the seperate information on your site by using tabs for different pages is good as I found most sites I came across pretty much jammed everything on one page and this was really confusing and tedious to read through in such great chunks.

    On the Q-ride page I think you could maybe re organize the text a bit more to make it look even more presentable than it already does!

    Also the fact that you used red ink to highlight the questions on your Q&A page is good and maybe you could youse this method even more to highlight important information throughout your site

    Overall your site is brilliant, you should be very proud!
  16. gojroberts

    gojroberts New Member

    I think the site looks very professional. I like the idea of the link buttons at both the top and bottom of the pages, very good. There is a lot of valuable information, it is a very informative website.
  17. Justin Hardy

    Justin Hardy Member

    Hi there.

    Site looks good, does exactly what it says on the tin. It wont win awards but it will help you and your business.

    Good luck!!
  18. david71990

    david71990 New Member

    Simply and to the point loads of information can't fog wrong really!
  19. ElPwno

    ElPwno New Member

    It is very well distributed, the information is straight forward, but I personnally do not like the style, that is just my opinion though. Also, try not to stretch images just to make them fit. (Locations page.)
  20. yumimumi

    yumimumi New Member

    I agree the streched images do take some of the websites vibe away. I like the style it's simple yet effective! :)