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Websites Online Webmasters Magazine

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by flek, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. flek

    flek Banned

    Hello guys,

    Recently we have started (just a 3 days ago we registered the service) an online webmasters magazine. Though the content is not full yet, the design is complete. What do you think about the style and look? Any modification suggestions?

    Thanks for the time -The Webmasters Magazine! Welcome to Juzle

    Share your opinions please.
  2. Geoff Tyrer

    Geoff Tyrer Member

    Review of Online Webmasters Magazine
    There's too much on the first page for me and too many adverts. You have to scan around looking for something interesting. There's duplication too - for example on the home page there's a link to an article about Bing and then the 2nd link on the top nav bar leads to it as well. Your article "Better Website Design is Better Marketing" states "the visitor is more interested in the content of the website than the design itself so keep your site simple". I don't think that first page is at all simple and it's hard to differentiate content from ads. It also states "When people visit your site they know what they are looking for so you need to ensure your website design helps them to find what they are looking for easily". For me that first page is the exact opposite.
    Somewhere at the top of the first page I think you should say what you're about and what you're trying to achieve. The place to go for web master resources? Web master news stories? Latest developments? Reviews? I'm not a web master but it just seems like a vehicle for carrying ads to me.
    What is "Expert Advices"? To me it's not grammatically correct but I'm not an expert. In that section there's an article that starts “How you react to negative feedback is dependent on the type of comment, who said it, what forum it was said in ”. Well I feel really bad that I've been so negative and I hope you don't take it personally.
    Geoff Tyrer
  3. flek

    flek Banned

    Hello my friend Geoff Tyrer,

    I must thank you personally. Such a great review. And I agree and admit that all your points are 100% True. I was looking around for the thanks button :) I could not find one here though.

    Well, the first thing is - we were rushing to do this. The template we've chosen was having too many widgets and we barely used half of them. But still lots of modifications are on the way. In fact that 'ads or promotional' widgets are just to cover the space. We will be removing them once we get good content to place there.

    About the content - as I told before we needed this to start in the day very badly. So all the content apart from 2-3 articles are borrowed from other websites and to skip from copyright purposes we've given source links.

    Still we are working hard to get unique and rich content. Once the data is ready you will feel better when looking at the site - I hope.

    Expert Advice section is for experienced webmasters to share their tips for juniors. But unfortunately we don't have articles there right now.

    I am very much happy that you've given a very good and thorough review of the site. My sincere thanks for the same. Have a very bright day ahead :)

  4. Geoff Tyrer

    Geoff Tyrer Member

    flek, thanks for being so positive. I nearly didn't post when I realised how critical I was being. I think a forum for web masters, within your web master site, would be a good addition if you can link one in.
    Geoff Tyrer
  5. flek

    flek Banned

    Yes, that'd be a great idea for the members of the site to communicate with in. But as the site is just a week old, we have only a few members there. May be once we get enough members we should do this as its a good idea. Thanks.
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