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Designing Non-professional Diving club

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Gonzoide, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Alexa

    Alexa Active Member

    Hi! Here is my design for this request. Thanks. :)

    Logo and camera icon by @Archel
    Icons by @Sean

    020 DivingClub 2_0000_HOME.jpg
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  2. Gonzoide

    Gonzoide New Member


    Wow ! This is already much nicer than what I have :)

    Here are a few comments / questions :
    • I really like the blueish look and feel, the big areas and a big square buttons give a very neat look, but surprisingly not cold at all
    • You managed to put all menu items in a small readable place, nice !
    • Question : how would you see it"live", i.e. when scrolling down ? Would the "DISCOVER" part shrink/disappear so that the top menu would still be visible ?
    • Question : how would you see it on a full HD screen ? Zoomed, centered ?
    • Question : how would you see subsequent pages structure (i.e. pages deeper in website, with potentially lots of text in them) ? Same without ther "discover" section ?
    • General comment : 95% of the website audience is about registered users who want to know about latest scheduled dives, and so on. Therefore, the 4 squares would probably have their role switched to something more useful to the daily visitor (for instance, "Register dive", "Register course", and so on.
    • This also makes the "DISCOVER" area (and the register button) too big considering their real usage : even though the website is the visible part of our club, we don't attract that much people with it : first it is mostly via friends, and friends of friends, and second we intentionally keep the new registrations to a small amount, e.g. 5-6 a year for security reasons (we have a small swimming pool). It's my classical problem : I like the layout, but I keep thinking in functional terms :)
    • I like the shark icon very much, but since we already have stationery, stickers, t-shirts and so on, my beloved president already told me that changing current logo was not an option :(

    Apart from that, kudos to you, Alexa : this is very nice, and I can see you got what I wanted :)
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2014
  3. Gonzoide

    Gonzoide New Member

    I withdraw my last point : I just had a committee meeting in my club, I presented the first draft to my president and she fell in love with the logo used in the template :)

    This actually led to a funny discussion, as she told me : "the logo is perfect, but compared to ours it's missing the mask!". I answered "which mask ?" ... after 10 years of webmastering, it seems I was the only one not to notice that the blue part was not the back color of the shark, but an actual mask, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles style (if you look closely, you'll notice the knot in the neck ... if you didn't notice it, don't worry, I didn't until tonight :D)

    (I know this is not supposed to be a logo request, but @Archel managed to please my president at once, and this does not happen very often ... so if we could get a concept of mask, the logo would be adopted immediately ;)

    (should I create a second thread for the logo, in order not to pollute this one ?)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2014