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Newbie needs help - Building an e-commerce website from scratch

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by RoyJones00, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. RoyJones00

    RoyJones00 New Member

    Hi y'all! Just joined the site, really appreciate the templates provided they are on par with templates many sites charge for.

    I am building a website for an e-commerce idea I had and wanted to get feedback on the most efficient way to do so.

    The main pieces of the site are as follows :

    User details/profiles - Users will create profiles with data on what they selling and their location. These need to be stored on a server.
    Map - Front page wil just be a map where users can click find my location and see all the user listings around them who are selling the product. IF they are a seller they can also search any buyers listings who are looking for certain product
    Messaging - Once user finds a user with what they want. they can message that user and arrange to meet. I found a few chat applications, like chatcrypt, that let you plugin their app into your site. Wondering if that's the best way to go?

    My biggest problem is most templates don't incorporate a GPS map or messaging ( as this requires more work in the back end it seems). I wanted to get some input on what you guys think is the best way to go about this!!

    Appreciate any and all feedback, thanks again guys.
  2. Andy Bogart

    Andy Bogart New Member

  3. Larjoe

    Larjoe New Member

    Hey - do do you use a cms or home made :)
  4. timekiller

    timekiller New Member

    I would recommend finding a CMS that matches your needs.
    Building from the start is costly.
  5. Ashley519

    Ashley519 New Member

    Hey, I am not from a coding background, but still would like to suggest you to use the CMS or you may design themes using a theme generator, website builder like templatetoaster, dreamweaver. Using this software you may design themes as per your requirement. I am not sure that you will get the complete things here but still you may try this. Hope it will help you.
  6. Basil Ruyle

    Basil Ruyle New Member

    Building an attractive website is very necessary especially for business owners, as it attracts more clients which ultimately helps in spreading business worldwide within short period of time. Website graphics play vey important role in website designing. Check here: webeminence.com/websitebuilder-com-review for interactive building of website.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2015
  7. tvtaddy

    tvtaddy New Member

    I think you can use magento and create a module for the purpose, as there is no prebuilt system for your requirement at present. It is only feasible option you have.
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  8. albaska

    albaska New Member

    Oh girl, that's a hard thing! I created from the scratch this website - combat-wear .com and that was extremely hard in the beginning. I recommend you ask for help some good specialist.
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  9. tvtaddy

    tvtaddy New Member

  10. Bruce Kenway

    Bruce Kenway New Member

    Hi RoyJones,
    Welcome you to this forum. For your question about how to build an e-commerce website, I highly recommend you using Magento - an open source platform which press on creating e-commerce website. Moreover, Magento provides a lot of useful extensions for many purposes.
  11. w3web

    w3web Member

    Yes, he is right!!! We have also build a eCommerce website with Magento, it also supports large database as well, and it has multi-purpose extensions.
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