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Designing New design for my guesthouse website

Discussion in 'Free Website Templates' started by Mildju, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. Hazel

    Hazel Member

    Hello! :)

    008 LaMaisonDeLeochille 1_0000_home.jpg
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  2. Alexa

    Alexa Active Member

    Hi Phil! Thank you. I'm glad you like my design. :) I am more than happy to answer your questions.

    Yes, I used the site you gave as reference. The only difference is the navigation menu does not show until the user will start scrolling which is the purpose of the arrow that points down. To give them a hint to scroll down. I can add a "scroll down" text to the design to make it more obvious. Also, in my design, not all of the content for your website will be in one single page. But for every tab, it will have a separate page.

    Yes, an easy way to switch languages can be added to the design.

    I hope I was able to answer your questions. :)
  3. Perci

    Perci Member

    Hello! Here's my design! Cheers! :)(y) 046-009-FWT-Guest House.JPG
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  4. Anna

    Anna Active Member

    Here's mine.

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  5. Lester

    Lester Active Member

    Here's my version.

    007 LaMaisondeLeochille 1.png
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  6. Roxsan

    Roxsan Active Member

    Hi @Mildju! :)

    Here is my design.

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  7. Mildju

    Mildju Member

    Dear designers,

    Maybe you noticed I like all your models and I truly mean it. :)

    Actually each mockup has 'something' that really please me. I'd like to share my thoughts but I don't want to offense anyone. :oops: Anyway I know I'll have again to make a very difficult choice.

    Keep you posted. ;)
  8. Mildju

    Mildju Member


    @Anna , @Hazel , @Lester , @Michael , @Perci , @Roxsan

    Here are all the things I love, mockup by mockup :

    - transparent top menu
    - title aspect ratio (+ the 'infinite' separator)

    - 'peaceful' homepage (soft colors)
    - the green circle focusing on the relax side of the region

    - general 'layers' design

    - the way the main picture is mixed with the three smaller ones
    - focus on the three main topics : rates/house/location

    - colors requirements fully respected
    - it looks easy to navigate

    - very uncluttered design
    - the way top and bottom sections of the page are embedded with the main picture

    I told you I've been moved by every model in a certain way. :love: They're all amazing and I was spoilt for choice !

    But it's now time to make a choice. I'd like to go on with Lester IF he can (or he's allowed to) use the main title from Anna's mockup, remove the 'La Maison de Léochille/Gite in the Belgian Ardennes' from the top menu, and separate the main picture from the three other ones as Michael did in his mockup.

    Thank you all for your excellent job and your patience. (y)
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  9. Lester

    Lester Active Member

    Hi @Mildju !

    Thank you for choosing my design. I will be redesigning my mockup according to your requests. I will also include mockups for the subpages. I am currently on another design and will start designing your website once I'm done.

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  10. Mildju

    Mildju Member

    Hi @Lester ,

    Great news ! I'm looking forward to discovering your update and subpages.

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  11. Lester

    Lester Active Member

    Hi @Mildju ,

    Here's the redesigned homepage mockup.
    Please review it so that I may be able to proceed
    in designing the subpages.


    007 LaMaisondeLeochille 2.png
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  12. Mildju

    Mildju Member

    Hi @Lester ,

    That's excellent, thank you so much !

    Another five small changes and then I think we're good :

    - can you please apply the same size than in your 1st mockup for the selected top menu (i.e. same green box, more narrow) ?
    - sorry, I totally forgot to remind you to add four country flag icons (France/The Netherlands/Germany/UK) for switching from one language to another... Or any other icons that could fit to your design. ;)
    - I did some changes in terms of colors (see attached file) that I'd like to share with you :
    • the blue of your 'Read more' buttons has been replaced by the green coming from the 'G' logo at the bottom right.
    • the background grey of the 'Latest News' section has been replaced by the background color found on my current website (code #F0FFD0)
    • the pure white used above the 'Latest News' section has been replaced by the #F9FFED color (same as #F0FFD0, less saturated).
    May I have your opinion about these ?​

    Thanks again for your efforts. :)

    Attached Files:

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  13. Lester

    Lester Active Member

  14. Lester

    Lester Active Member

    Hi @Mildju ,

    Here's the edited version.


    007 LaMaisondeLeochille 2.png
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  15. Mildju

    Mildju Member

    Hi @Lester ,

    Excellent ! (y)

    Green light for the subpages. :D

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  16. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    @Mildju Congratulations! Your template request has been moved from Designing to Coding—this means that we are currently coding your template.

    Do note that our multi-page templates are created to be fully responsive on all mobile devices, and we commit ourselves to ensuring quality control of our new website templates. This means it may take some time for your template request to be fully coded, so please be patient with us.

    In the meantime, we encourage you to head over to the Support forums to pick up a few tips on how you can fully utilize our templates!

    made a booboo. :(
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2014
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  17. Lester

    Lester Active Member

    Hi @Ruthe ,

    I'm still not done with the subpages. We just finalised the design for the homepage.
  18. Mildju

    Mildju Member

    Sorry, maybe my previous message was a bit misleading... I meant 'Green light for starting the subpages'. ;)
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  19. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Oops. :eek: You're right! @Mildju No worries I should have read properly. Going a bit crazy with so many requests. Apologies @Lester :sick: My bad. Shall wait for your subpages' designs to be up!
  20. Ryansnow

    Ryansnow New Member

    Simply superb website for a guest house. it's really nice to look.
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