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Hardware need suggestions from friends :)

Discussion in 'General' started by jd132, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. jd132

    jd132 VIP Member

    hey guys as it's being a quite some times im on this website and really love to have intractions with u :) sothought to take ur opinion as im bit confused lol :D

    im planning to change my phone as it's quite old now (LG viewty) so i finalize HTC Desire HD but there are few phones too in same catagory with big screen and good apps like:

    Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
    Motorola MILESTONE XT720
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
    HTC HD7

    but not sure which one to go for.... wht u think

    i usually need for my mails, browsing, movies, music, reading (ebooks, pdf) n recording :)

  2. GG

    GG Active Member

    iPhone not a option in there?
  3. korvayne

    korvayne New Member

    the galaxy s,great phone.great apps.prob closest phone to an iphone there is
  4. Recidivist

    Recidivist VIP Member

    Sorry GG, but NO.

    Get the Galaxy or HTC Desire HD. Coincidently, I just had a huge arguement/debate about which is better (HTC, Samsung or iPhone).

    If you compare them, they are virtually the same. The iPhone may get some better apps, and iOS may have a bit more gloss, however, the new iPhone is £600+ for a 32gb and does NOT accept an SD card. Whereas the Galaxy and HTC are half the price (for a 8gb or 16gb) and DO accept SD cards, so you can pretty much have limitless storage. The iPhone has a smaller screen but a slightly higher resolution. HTC and Galaxy are always rated pretty much on par with the iPhone and are half-the price. I don't think there is anything that really sets each of the phones above each other, apart from the price.

    I should add though, you may consider waiting for the release of the new Galaxy S 2 which will wipe the floor with these :) It's specs are pretty damn impressive.

    Also, Apple suck :)