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General Need Help on a template

Discussion in 'General' started by thekid313, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. thekid313

    thekid313 New Member

    Hello everyone im new to this whoe template game and website creating, i currently am using DreamWeaver 8, because i cant use photoshop as i already installed the free (30 day version) on my computer. I am a advid collector and im trying to get this template to work

    Template Here

    It seems when i open it i cant get the borders and the frames and everything to come in as when i get the source code it looks nothing like the picture. As I stated I really have no clue what im doing so if anyone can help me thanks.

    I am only using a Freewebs Site for the time being. Its based on Football Cards and i found this template was perfect.

    My freewebs is freewebs.com/mf4l as you can see the home page didnt turn out to well, sorry for the long read or if i sound stupid or anything
  2. Thau

    Thau New Member

    Have you tried to open it from the base directory ? Just to see if your browser works fine with it, if so, its DreamWeaver that's quite wrong, and not you, if not, try reopen the Template and start over again, its not difficult to configurate a template... Dunno if there's any tutorials, as im new in this forum but try look around on other sites aswell ^^, You'r welcome to post here again if anything new comes up...