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Need any moderators?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by djddzines, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. djddzines

    djddzines New Member

    Hello Mimoun, Im not sure if this is the right forum to post in, but, I was wondering if I can be a moderators of one of the sections on your forum?
  2. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Yes we will need moderators ones the forum becomes bigger it will not take long for that maybe 1 month.
    So I can make you a moderator at that time.

    This is what a moderator needs to do:

    Social tasks: The moderator must ensure that the social climate of the forum promotes participation and exchange.
    Problems to be combated include "flames," temper tantrums, inappropriate posts,
    and fear of ridicule and embarrassment.

    Educational tasks: In order to achieve the educational aim of the forum,
    the moderator is required to perform tasks that point the participants in the right direction.

    - Ask for opinions and prompt other participants for their thoughts.
    - Stop disruptive behavior immediately.
    - Respond to bad behaviors via private communication, possibly requiring the offender to apologize to the group or excluding the offender from future participation.
    - Model and reward expected behavior.
    - If you are short of time, either don't respond or mention that you are out of time and will provide a fuller answer later on.
    - From time to time, summarize a conversation, weave together the comments made by participants, and move the discussion in the required direction. (This keeps the discussion on track, and provides positive reinforcement to the contributors).
    - Ask participants to justify their responses and occasionally play devil's advocate.
    - Don't let any one individual or group dominate a forum. Enforce this either through personal discussion or by limiting their ability to contribute.
    - Where possible, answer queries quickly.
    - Resist responding to all queries before others in a group forum. (Responding first allows one individual -- the moderator -- to dominate participation, limits participants to one approach, and prevents others from gaining experience in answering questions).
    - Bring the online forum to a satisfactory and appropriate close.

    A moderator's job is to evaluate whether or not a post is appropriate.
    If it is not appropriate at all, it needs to be deleted.
    If it is appropriate, but needs to be put into another category, then the moderator can do this.
    It would be nice if a moderator would be able to log in at least once a day in order to see what is going on,
    but I can't expect you to do this every day, but 5 days out of 7 would be great.
  3. joel

    joel Member

    hey mimoun can i be a MOD as well?
  4. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    You have to earn it before I promote you to a moderator.
  5. Dexxa

    Dexxa New Member

    If you require any help within the future be free to ask :),

    You should also have a off topic forum so we can post off topic stuff :):)
  6. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

  7. Dexxa

    Dexxa New Member

    lol i just noticed :eek: lol
  8. djddzines

    djddzines New Member

    Sounds good. If I need to earn my position as moderator, please tell me how to do so. Thanks.
  9. joel

    joel Member

    yer how do we earn it? and does it help if we ahve posted heaps of on the forum?
  10. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    It's not only about quantity but more about quality you could make 10 posts and become a moderator. If your 10 posts help other members that have very complex problems and you managed to help them out.
    On the other hand if you just post to get help and never give help even if you have 1000 post you will not become a moderator.

    This is what you can do to be promoted to a moderator

    - Welcome new members in the Introduce Yourself forum
    - Give a review for websites posted in the Website Review forum
    - Help members with their problems in the CSS, HTML, Graphics, JavaScript or PHP forum.
    - Make new posts with interesting information about CSS, HTML, Graphics, JavaScript , PHP or something else.

    You will know if you're doing a good job I will be given everyone reputation points when they help someone out or make a great post.
    You can view your reputation points in your usercp ones you have received points
  11. joel

    joel Member

    iv done all of those i have greeted people i have given a link for poeple that want to learn html and i have done all the other stuff on that list and i have only got one rep point and that was a test
  12. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Joel give me some time please.
  13. SympliG0th

    SympliG0th New Member

    lol modding sounds fun, i haven't done it in a while. But patience is a virtue
  14. SympliG0th

    SympliG0th New Member

    Alrighty then. I'll boggy on and dive into the boards. Just let me know.

    Thanks ^_^
  15. lildjrich

    lildjrich New Member

    Umm.. I have an okay knowledge of this stuff...
    So if i could and i help people what ever number of times could i be one??

    I don't normally like to ask people if i can do this if i can be that if its not even my site..
    So say no if you wish :p
  16. keithicoti

    keithicoti Banned


    hello id love to be a mod ive read your rules ive done the stuff ive got 10 posts id love to join being a mod i like to save people from scammers,cheaters,theifs, i am a member on webkinz police force and i know how to delete bad posts report bad people i can type really fast i think ill do really good at being a mod please choose me when ever i solve a problem ill make sure it goes smoothly and none gets mad please pick me

    keithicoti:) :) :) :)
  17. Scoooooty

    Scoooooty Member

  18. Connor

    Connor Moderator / Programmer

    Not only do you not have 10 posts, but if you actually wanted to be a mod, then you would learn to type - and use periods, not just commas.

  19. I would also want to be a moderator.. If you guys think i am good enough to be one, i would happy to help this forum promote.
  20. lmfrench

    lmfrench New Member

    How do you figure you have 10 posts? Considering this is your one and only post...:)

    Also, the only one who can assign moderator positions is Mimoun.