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General n00b question

Discussion in 'General' started by Vrtx, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Vrtx

    Vrtx New Member

    hey guys everytime i upload a template i go wrong, now i upload the css file and edit the html file to the needs, but i dont get the full outcome do i need edit the css/if so how?And do i need to place the css any certain place.
    Thanks alot
  2. Connor

    Connor Moderator / Programmer


    Well Vrtx it depends on what you want to change about the template. Maybe the colors or something? To change the text in it you can do that by opening index.html in any editor you want. If you are wanting to change the text in the pictures then you must open them in whatever image editor you want. Please give us some more information about what you want to change and then we might be able to help you out more.

  3. Vrtx

    Vrtx New Member

    Ok sorry connor i didnt explain well, i have downloaded a template from here(free one) and uploaded the html for the front page, this by including the images required.Now i know i have to also upload the css sheet so i have done, but i still see theres some images/bg colours missing,I was wondering ..do you have edit the these bits
    #nav li.d   { background: url(images/menu_d_bg.gif) no-repeat; }
    in the css? and if so how?
    Thanks once again, sorry for being a pain
    #nav li.d a { background: url(images/menu_d_r.gif) top right no-repeat; }