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Websites my site...

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by fishkissing, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. fishkissing

    fishkissing New Member

    Noob here and wanted to get y'alls opinion on my site. Have had it for sometime and have enjoyed it but is getting boring. I started in FP and have since moved to Web Design. Would love to get some idea on site and also possibly a School badge or emblem or logo suggestion as well.

    Thanks in advance,

    Link Removed
  2. GG

    GG Active Member

    Hey mate,

    I have moved your thread to here as it was in the wrong section. You will get more replies here.

    Here's your 1st one...Your site has a virus. I opened it up and my virus software picked it up and soon as I clicked I had problems on my laptop but luckily it didn't get through so i'm ok but I have removed your link for the time being to save others from recieving it.

    Take a look at your site and get it tested to see if it is virus free before you post it up again.

    Thank you
  3. fishkissing

    fishkissing New Member

    wow....you are right. I havent been there in a week. I guess I will be blowing it away andstarting fresh. Are there any great High School Alum templates that I can view?

    Thanks again.