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Legacy Logo for my band

Discussion in 'Archived' started by strategicintent, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. strategicintent

    strategicintent New Member

    Just found this site, wow its really good that you guys offer help to people like me!:)

    I have a band called Strategic Intent we need a catchy logo to go on our forum, online store and in the banner of of our website. Doesn't have to be flashy or anything. Kinda like the font Smashed SF if you can include that? Can anyone help?
  2. jay20166

    jay20166 New Member

    what kind of band is it? what kind of music? and what is the website address to your forum?
  3. strategicintent

    strategicintent New Member

  4. logorama.com

    logorama.com New Member

    here ya go:

    Attached Files:

  5. strategicintent

    strategicintent New Member

    Wow thanks for that, added some colour to my site the other day, so i coloured in the logo using photoshop and it fits in great. Thanks very much indeed! We are all over the moon.

  6. Lightning

    Lightning New Member

    hey um well i really like that logo could someone make me one like that but it say Flash Gamer and then for the little link make it www.FlashGamer.tk
  7. strategicintent

    strategicintent New Member

    Not sure if someone can help me again, i have this logo, that someone kindly made for us.


    I really like this logo, but i need a couple more things adding if possible. I need the same logo but animated as a gif or as using flash for a banner to go on other sites. With somethin like the hottest new band in manchester, or check out the latest news and listen to the latest tracks.

    The main thing though and i'm not sure how this can be done. A smaller logo that is a picture rather than text to go on small badges and to be used as avatars on the messge boards. You can shorten then name to SI but i want a catchy little logo like Green Day have the grenade/heart at the moment. This can be animated again if you wish but i would need a still image as well for the badges. Colour of the orange on the site is FF8000 if you need it.

    Thanks in Advance.
  8. strategicintent

    strategicintent New Member

    Hello Any Body Out there?
  9. MrsRozzhee

    MrsRozzhee New Member

    LOL I know the feeling... I put a request in a while ago too and not heard much from it since... seems they are short on designers, hopefully you will get yours soon, and me mine !! :rolleyes:
  10. ReVVeD

    ReVVeD Graphics Designer

    yea sorry im abit busy and strategicintent it wud b best if u got the original designer who done the banner 2 help u out pm him or send an email or summit.
  11. strategicintent

    strategicintent New Member

    I did, but i think the original designer has stopped visiting this site as he hasn't posted in a long time.
  12. ReVVeD

    ReVVeD Graphics Designer

    send an email or summit
  13. calledude

    calledude New Member

    whats up!! i have a band called wings of lead!! Styke is hardcore/metal and we are in desperate need of an amazing logo!! Anybody have any ideas??
  14. ReVVeD

    ReVVeD Graphics Designer

    post in ur own thread and sum1 mite
  15. No Legacy

    No Legacy New Member

    Band Logo!! If anyone would kindly make one??

    HI.. we are a band from England called No legacy.. we are a kind of indie soft rock band and we are looking for a free logo to put on our merchandise... if anyone could make one and post it it would be much appreciated.. thanks...

    No legacy... www.nolegacy.co.uk
  16. lmfrench

    lmfrench New Member

    Please start your own request thread...
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