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HTML Learn more about HTML

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by Mimoun, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

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  2. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    And a good book

    I know the web is fast and the good bits are free (like here!), but in the long term it's worth having a good reference book.:)

    Elizabeth Castro 'HTML for the world wide web' peachpit.com still works for me. it's up to at least the 5th edition, but check for the latest.;)

    I expect lots of people have their favourites ...
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  3. vareside

    vareside New Member

    But there are also people like me who learned HTML and Javascript by discovering the HTML codes of other websites. So, not everyone needs to get help by tutorials or books.
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  4. ganesh1975

    ganesh1975 New Member

  5. Sakari

    Sakari New Member


    Nice resources, i think if somebody need any helps in coding time then he/she can go for web. Otherwise he/she can go for books.
    How can you read a book online?
    You can download the pdf files of ebooks and get their printout. I always do this. If i think that book is good for me then i buy it or got their printouts.

    And now i m reading Rohit sharma (html 4u). An Indian writer.

  6. Adam Lee

    Adam Lee New Member Verified Member

    If anyone is striggleing with coding, they can just drop me a PM and I will more than happily help them out.

    Any form of coding support right here <'.'>
  7. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Whoa @Adam Lee that's really kind of you! Love it when members step up to help each other on the committee. (y)
  8. daviddakarai

    daviddakarai Member


    Nice resources,Thanks for giving good sites to learn HTML codes. Mainly I want to learn Java script through HTML
  9. Lousie

    Lousie New Member

    Even you can also use theme generating software such as TemplateToaster, WordPress Theme generator , Arti and so on for making new and attractive themes in just few hours without doing complex coding.These software are importantly beneficial for non-technical people who do not want to do coding but still wishing to make their websites.
  10. daviddakarai

    daviddakarai Member

    Thanks for sharing good html sites.
  11. Khondokar Md Manik

    Khondokar Md Manik New Member

    very nice for you design
  12. Pravin Madalia

    Pravin Madalia New Member

  13. MagentoSite

    MagentoSite New Member

    I'm also prefer w3school for learning HTML. All others are also good but this one is best. w3school is in-depth and to the point with great example. i like its design.
  14. Bruce Kenway

    Bruce Kenway New Member

    You all have really nice resources for learning HTML code. Thanks your contribution so much
  15. weballures

    weballures New Member

    Thanks Mimoun,
    I am learner of html.I want to know about the basic sites where i can learn.Tahnks for your help.

    GRIFFITH New Member

    w3school is good for learning HTML.All others are also good but this one is best. w3school is in-depth and to the point with great example.
  17. Hello Dear

    Improve your HTML Knowledge best learning Website [​IMG]
  18. emmaharvey

    emmaharvey New Member

    I started learning HTML through w3schools.com when I was a beginner. The tutorials were so interactive and useful.