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I need a team/staff.

Discussion in 'Post Jobs' started by Dr-P, May 11, 2006.

  1. Dr-P

    Dr-P New Member

    i want to make a gaming website, I have already a webserver. Iam good with php, but not a prof, so i cant make a cms from nothing.

    The gaming site will give news about all the consolles + retro + PC. And i want to write reviews about the games. but for a good gaming site you can`t just take mambo with a free template.

    So i need someone who is good with php, who can support me making a CMS or change a existing cms. (Notmambo then but e107, typo3, drupal, or something) The news section is very important, it must can handle 20-30 news items, i want to have the first 10 with an avatar and an intro text, and then the older news just headlines.

    And i want a registration form, so poeple can give comments to the news, and have there own profile. And mayby i want to make a bridge to a forum ( such as IPB or WBB or vbulletin ) So they only have to login one time. And of course i need someone who can do the graphics, I know already someone who is good with graphics but hes good with 3d, so he can also help us. I really need a php writer, i can make a cms but takes for me so much time beacuse i need to search everything with google. But i know how everything works with php and databses, i know how to edit a excisting cms. so i need someone who can help my making a site.

    Those are just some ideas, So if you are interesting to work by a gaming site (or helping to make the website), sent then an email to webmasterz4p@gmail.com
  2. Scoooooty

    Scoooooty Member

    lol thats asking for alot :p
  3. SympliG0th

    SympliG0th New Member

    I cannot help with the php side of things, however I have over 9 yrs experience in graphics design[non 3d]. And am willing to put My talents to the challenge if you would allow.

    I will email My resume to you.
  4. Scoooooty

    Scoooooty Member

    SymploGoth I will be making a site like this soon and will need some designers, as this site is fairly dead since the owner left. As a designer for my site you will receive free webspace for your efforts.

    I will let you know when it is up.