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General How to open .zip files

Discussion in 'General' started by Mimoun, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Templates are delivered in .ZIP format for fast downloading. You will need an unzipping tool to open this type of files.

    If you have Windows XP you don't need an unzipping program just right click the zip file and select extract files.

    Here are some programs you can use to unzip the files:

    7-zip - the best free unzip program (thanks to tappel for telling us about it)
    CamUnzip - Free easy and fast

    Winzip Free to try price: $29
    Winrar Free to try price: $29
    WinAce Free to try price: $29
  2. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    winzip is preferable to Windows XP's unzip, because it can zip and unzip a directory tree. XP may have improved since i bought mine (!), if so, apologies to them. XP's unzip used to put all the files in the root directory, which wrecks adresses to the stylesheet and all internal links.

    The free version of winzip is brilliant. :)
  3. tappel

    tappel New Member

    Also very good freeware is 7-zip.
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  4. Mimoun

    Mimoun Administrator Staff Member Director Verified Member

    Thanks tappel for telling us about 7-zip it's a great program.
    I removed all the other unzip programs on my pc and use 7-zip now.
  5. unlockadmin

    unlockadmin New Member

    WinRAR is the best compressor
  6. AleksaPhoto

    AleksaPhoto Banned

    Would use WinRar for all .zip and .rar files, doing a job for many years :)
  7. chrisgayle

    chrisgayle New Member

    To open Zip file on your system You need a WinRar for it. First install the WinRar on your Pc. Then open the Zip file . It can be easily open
  8. krishnananda

    krishnananda New Member

    Thank you for information
  9. hmerrillb b

    hmerrillb b New Member

    Thanks for help i appreciated:)
  10. fazeel baig

    fazeel baig New Member

    You need winrar to open zip files... Winrar is the best software that run all types of zip files :)
  11. s6faruk

    s6faruk New Member

    Hi,at first select the folder then you click mouse right button and click Extract Here.Then your folder will be open.Thank You.
  12. noman hossain rony

    noman hossain rony New Member

    thank you for your post.......!
  13. spladug

    spladug Member

    Mostly i use WinRAR. I think this is best
  14. halldaniel454

    halldaniel454 New Member

    Using Winrar . .
    steps :
    1. right click on file ( which you extract )
    2. choose extract file.
    3. choose extract file here.
    4. auto extract their location.
    5. folder create as same name as zip filename.
  15. TheGuru Kull

    TheGuru Kull New Member

    Use winrar to zip a file.
    Right click to extract file
    then extract here
    then folder create as same as zip file in same folder.
  16. tvtaddy

    tvtaddy New Member

    Winar is the best as it operate with a simple clicks and also it is a microsoft product.
  17. karianna_zee123

    karianna_zee123 New Member

    Use software winzip. this software very useful.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 12, 2015

    GRIFFITH New Member

    1 Double-click the ZIP file. In Windows XP or newer, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux[1], you can double-click the ZIP file and it will open in a new window. You can then copy the contents to another folder.

    OS X will create a new folder next to the ZIP file when you double-click it, but may not open it automatically.

    2 Right-click the ZIP file. In Windows and Linux, you can right-click the Zip file and select “Extract All…” or “Extract Here”. Extract All will allow you to set a path for the extracted folder to go, and Extract Here will uncompress the folder and leave it in the same location as the ZIP file.
  19. justinrhensen123

    justinrhensen123 New Member

    Also very good freeware is 7-zip.
  20. tonyadam0706

    tonyadam0706 New Member

    So expensive for a software like this