how many people have donated to chairty?

Discussion in 'General' started by joel, Jul 8, 2005.

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    hey everyone i was wondering you know with all the G8 summit on and everything i was woundering how many of you people have donated money to the poor african people? i know i have i have sponserd 50 children for as little as 30 dollars a month i have even sponserd a whole family for 40 dollars a month now that is a small amount of money and that small amount of money could save a whole family all you have to do is give them 40 dollars to survive for one month so i think that everyone that hasnt donated to them should its a matter of thinking what if you were them wouldnt you really want some rich people to donate to yuo so you can survive tomorrow? well i would.

    here is a fact about all of this a child in africa dies every 3 seconds.... one just died then...........then..........then.........then.........then.......then.......then
    and they sad thing about this is that these deaths could all of been prevented now that is sad!!

    here is a good site where ou can donate money sponser a child get involved send them clothes anything its really good if you sponser a child that child you help will send you a letter that they have hand wrighten and they will talk to you and talk about other stuff i have received heaps of letters and it is really good it just makes you feel like you have done somthing good so heres the site.

    also i am setting up my own site all the money you donate will go to the children and familys no money will be kept as my company is a non-profit organisation
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    joel, ur 11,

    wered u copy that from
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    haha mate im not 11 and i didnt copy that i wrote it all my self
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