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Logos How about a logo review?

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by RJ Dee, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. RJ Dee

    RJ Dee New Member

    Not sure if this is OT to the forum, but I created a logo for my travel soccer team (I'm the head coach) and wondered if anyone had feedback.

    I'm not a pro at this by any stretch, and I'm not really using the logo, but was curious what some thought. I'll be designing something for my club, the feedback here would be helpful.

    Mods - if this is too OT - by all means remove. Thought it might be fun to get some feedback.

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  2. RJ Dee

    RJ Dee New Member

    I should have noted "BOM" is our club - short for "Battle of Monmouth"
  3. Hynnix

    Hynnix New Member

    Your logo is well made (simply and nice witch I like), and it matches as a soccer team logo.
    Only thing that can do it better is if you could fix that stroke on the flames(maybe a bit more smooth).
    All in one it's nice(hope I could help out).
  4. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    I've not reviewed a logo before so I'm not too sure about what to say. :rolleyes:
    You've done a great job on the crest.
    You've kept it simple, clean, not over-embelished and you've kept the colours to a minimum. I like how the Renegades curves across the centre and out past the shield. Would that make it difficult or more expensive to make a patch out of?
    Perhaps that light grey outline around Renegades can be placed outside the shield as well, especially if the shirt it's to go on is a of dark colour.
    You certainly have a flair for this kind of designing so I'm sure whatever crest you come up with will be appreciated by your new team.
  5. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Nice start.

    I would though make 'Renegades' part of the sheild, so that the border line flows much smoother, but the over all design is nice....well done
  6. JaeCy

    JaeCy Member

    I like. I agree that making "Renegades" part of the shield would take this good logo to the next level. I would buy a jersey with this on it just because it looks so cool.
  7. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Well done there, RJ! For someone who's "not pro", you're really good. I like the general feel of the logo. Only suggestion is to make "BOM" bigger and bolder.

    Seriously, you should consider helping some of our members make their logos. I agree with CP that you have a flair for this—something many of those looking for logos will appreciate! (A side career maybe? ;))
  8. bTz

    bTz New Member

    I really like it.
    It is simple but attractive and the color mix is on the right path.

    Nice job !
  9. rmorale

    rmorale Member

    It looks great, I agree with Ruthe the BOM could be a little bigger. It's simple and not overloaded with to many colors which is perfect for a shirt or jersey.
  10. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Great logo, RJ! I especially like how "Renegades" extends out over the crest, but to add on to everyone else's opinions about the "BOM", maybe the letters could be spaced out a little more? :)
  11. MVHS_Soccer

    MVHS_Soccer New Member

    Agreed on the B.O.M. If you space it out or make it slightly larger, it could look a little better. Also for me, "Renegades" looks good the way it is. What are the primary colors for the team? To me it seems slightly plain in color.
  12. Matt Wlliams

    Matt Wlliams New Member

    Big up the BOM
  13. Emporia

    Emporia New Member

    looks good
  14. Robbo

    Robbo New Member

    The crest looks great. I understand having 'Renegades' running outside the shield may make printing/embroidery slightly more difficult but I feel it makes the crest stand out making it more memorable, which is surely the overall aim. Good effort