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CSS Help with dreamweaver CCS style sheet

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by LIFEVillage, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. LIFEVillage

    LIFEVillage New Member

    i have edited my template MEDIA in Dreamweaver

    the style sheet seems to work in internet explorer but not in foxfire what do i do

    this is what i get when i got to my domain HIVtrac.org

    in foxfire

    ...The LIFEVillage .org ...What is LIFEtrac...

    LIFE HIVtrac is being developed as an all inclusive, easy to use, Electronic Health Management System for people to manage AIDS/HIV Health. HIVtrac will Visually on one page show a complete overview of all a pertannate health info. including Advanced Visual Labs (CD4 & VL) Graphed with an overlay of significant medical occurrences, Med, and other treatments. Also tracking of needed tests, vaccines, all medications, opportunistic possibilities, Complimentary & Alternative treatments, side effect , Doctor conversation checklist .....

    LIFE Village Healing Centers Project

    We know of a System Clinically proven to raise the immune system by 80% and it’s currently not being use to help HIV! Our Idea of Beautiful Health is to give away FREE uses to anyone! Yet it takes a Village to HEAL! So In Concert with other healer we want to establish clinics in centralized location throughout the USA

    This is just a place holder so you can see how the site would look like.

    • FUND RASING We Need $3,000.00 to start our non-profit to set-up our office and bank accounts etc. so we are able to apply for grants and accept tax-deduct able donations.
      The first year will be the most expensive developing the initial programming distribution FREE to the end uses
    Our Mission:

    Is to Enhance and Improve behaviors, feelings and beliefs, health treatments and life management of people with Aids/HIV and other Serious Illness. We will improve patients’ quality of LIFE and lower barriers between patients and clinicians to best manage health by seeing the Big Picture or Overview of all aspect of a very complicated, Life Changing medical conditions. Bridging together aspects of western medicine with eastern medicine, natural-path ic and holistic care as well as complimentary, spiritual and alternative approaches to healing. To Offer Hope and to create usable tools to sustain life and foster grow as individuals


    Shanti's L.I.F.E. Program®
    (Learning Immune Function Enhancement) teaches participants about the inseparable interactions that take place between their thoughts, their bodies, and the outside world. Using the relatively recent science of psycho-neuro-immunology, people with life-threatening and disabling illnesses learn how being mindful of and improving their performance on 18 "cofactors" can enhance the natural healing capacities of their bodies and minds. more about SHANTI...

    Copyright T.LaBonty & LIFEvillage.org. All rights reserved

  2. dovaboy

    dovaboy New Member

    I am just learing things myself, but i was having that problem too, but for me things looked fine in Safari, but when i viewed my site in Firefox, things looking similar to what you have there.......In my case i forgot to upload the .css file with the rest of my website files.
  3. LIFEVillage

    LIFEVillage New Member

    i loaded the css file

    its not working in either ie or firefox
  4. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    When you both first strarted Dreamweaver did you click on "Dreamweaver Site Definition" as this will set the relative paths. DW uses external files to track everything about your work. If broken or if you manually did not link files then your output will be broken on the web. DW is not like using notepad and then uploading to the server.
  5. simon78

    simon78 New Member

    Dreamweaver gives all information and its easily be used