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Designing Help making a football club crest.

Discussion in 'Free Logos' started by mwl1080, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member

    Hey there I'm a newbie here to ask for help designing a classic English style Football Club crest for my sunday league team: Matthews Town Football Club. We were established in 2014. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Hi and welcome to FWT, @mwl1080! Please take a look at this thread and post your responses to the questions in it back here. This will help our designers better understand your request. :)
  3. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member

    Thank you for your response, essentially like this kind of design except with our name. Anything like this would be greatly appreciated. It will be used for the crest on our kit.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2014
  4. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Please read this thread and post your answers to the required questions here. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for our designers to come up with something that suits you.
  5. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member


    Thank you for your response and help I am replying from my Android phone because it's my only computer at the moment so it's sort of difficult to navigate and I profusely thank you for your understanding and assistance. What I think would look cool is this shield with the text in black letters in a Blackpool FC type font with our football club's name on it in fitted inside the shield at a curved font. Matthews Town on the upper part of the shield and Football Club on the bottom part of the shield. The shield is my family crest and Livingston is my surname, so I consent to it's use lol. . It will be used for printing on football kits for the team. Your help has been greatly appreciated.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2014
  6. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Ah. That's a really tiny screen! Okay, tell you what, since I'm on a computer (MUCH easier typing!), I'll help you fill out the questions and you can correct whatever is wrong/supply whatever information is missing (I'll highlight it in red). Deal? :D

    1) What is the exact name you would like in your logo?
    Matthews Town (in an arc, on the upper part of the shield)
    Football Club (in an arc, on the lower part of the shield)

    2) What is your website address (ex: http:/site .com/; Site Name)?

    3) Description of your website or business:
    My Sunday league team: Matthews Town Football Club. Established 2014.

    4) Search the Internet for any logos/designs on the web that you feel convey
    the style you are looking for?
    This area is a little vague. As you have provided several (quite disparate) images as samples, are there particular elements from each that you would like to go into your new design? Or did you basically just want your family crest exactly as is, but with your team name on it? Or do you want the elements from your family crest incorporated into a new design? You can also mention any local landmarks/specific symbols/team mascots etc. you want in it.

    5) Requested size of your logo:
    To be printed on football kits for the team.

    6) Do you have any images/photos that can be used for the logo? (must be copyright free)
    As attached above. See #4 for description of intended usage.

    7) What logo styles do you like (text only, image only, text and image, etc.)?
    Classic English style Football Club crest, similar to Blackpool FC's (see above).

    8) What colors do you want to see in your logo?
    State any main colors that you would like in your logo. If you have specific colors in mind for your team kit, you may wish to list those here (if you have the hexadecimal values of the colors, for instance, even better).

    9) What colors do you NOT want to see in your logo?
    State any colors that you do not want in your logo.

    10) Describe the target audience for your logo
    My team members

    11) What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?
    NA – unless you have a team motto or something that you'd like to express in the design?

    12) Where will your logo be used (print, website, etc.)?
    To be printed on football kits for the team.

    13) Do you have other info or links you want to share?

    14) Finally we need is there a style font you prefer, please let us know.
    Black letters, font similar to the one used on the Blackpool FC logo (above).
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  7. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member

    I'm on a real computer now, success! Thank you again for your immense help.
    4) livingston crown crest.jpg Basically disregard the tiny thumbnail jpegs on the bottom that are so hard to read, I cannot find a way to remove them. The family shield from the first image by itself with maybe this crown on it. Yes the team name itself on the shield. I am also open to using the design below as well and if you think it's cool or do-able then I would be ok with it too. I just have fears it would be hard to print on the kit if too elaborate but all the more options the better. If doing the more elaborate design below, I'd suggest doing the font outside the logo, the Matthews Town Football Club in a curved scrolled font up top. 20 on the left of the logo and 14 on the right, with the latin phrase
    Tantum satis est optimum on the scroll instead of Livingston. The colors for the more elaborate font should be red I think, in the Blackpool FC font.
    livingston family shield.jpg
    8) The font in black, the crown in the same colors as the image. Essentially we are designing the crest first, then will we decide upon a color for the kit.
    9) I am open to pretty much anything as long as it looks good in the logo.
    11) I have included a Latin phrase but if It cannot be fitted in than it's not a big deal:
    Tantum satis est optimum. The main elements that are needed to be conveyed is the name of the club and if it can be fitted in 2014.

    I am open to any and all designs from the info above, thank you so much for your fantastic help, on my somewhat out there and abstract ideas I really appreciate it.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2014
  8. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    This is a lot more specific now, thanks! As for #4 that's a good point you've made there, the finer details are great but they might not look so good when printed on your kit. Also keep in mind that generally the more colors you include in your design, the more you'll end up paying at the printer's.

    Anyway I'll hand you over to the designers now; I'm sure they can advise you much better than I :)
  9. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member

    Thank you so much for your guidance and help Dawn, it means a lot. I am totally ok with the first idea we came up with but am open to the second too. all the same thank you so very much.
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  10. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Aww no it was all you! But do stick around and join in the conversations on our forum. You're in good company here :)
  11. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member

    Hey Dawn I had a Eureka moment. My idea is making the circle bigger and doing the Blackpool FC print scrolled Matthews Town on the top of the circle and Football Club on the bottom of the circle with established 2014 on the banner. What do you think? Lots more simple than Latin phrases and crowns eh lol? downloadfile.jpeg
  12. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    So, kind of in a similar style to the Blackpool FC logo? That could work, the crest itself already looks pretty cool so it would be hard to go wrong with :D

    And I see you've uploaded a profile picture of yourself, great! Always nice to be able to put a username (or name, if you'd like to introduce yourself to us!) to a face (y)
  13. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member

    Yea in that style, a circle probably isn't needed. As long as you think it looks good is all I need, same for my profile pic :D My name is Matt btw. Thanks Dawn.
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  14. Sean

    Sean Active Member

    I'll try this too
  15. Archel

    Archel Active Member

    Here's my sketch on the crest you've requested.. I'll post digital version ASAP

    Photo on 8-27-14 at 12.21 PM.jpg
  16. Ian

    Ian Vector Enthusiast

    will conceptualize a study for this today
  17. mwl1080

    mwl1080 New Member

    Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate it. The club took a vote last night and decided upon the kit design and color enclosed below. It is classified as "Old Gold" and White.

    Attached Files:

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  18. Dawn

    Dawn Community Manager

    Thanks for the images Matt! This will really help our designers envision something more appropriate for you :)
  19. Archel

    Archel Active Member

    Hi Here's my design...

    AA_LO_0024.jpg AA_LO_0024_V2.jpg
  20. Ian

    Ian Vector Enthusiast

    @mwl1080 here's my take on this... thanks

    mathews town football club.jpg