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Websites Gaming Clan Site and Community

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Nina, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Nina

    Nina New Member

    We'll I have two sites actually. One is for a game clan I run. Site for that is www.ftw-rocks.com this is just a basic HTML site.

    My phpnuke (my baby:p )site is www.elite-ops.com just wanted to see wutcha all think.

    Oh, I doubt this is tha right spot to say this, but big props to you guys at FWT. You guys offer a service hardly anyone would dare to attemp. FREE TEMPLATES lol, anyways TC and keep up tha wicked work.

    ~ Nina :cool:
  2. Zorroman1100

    Zorroman1100 New Member

    Really nice site... the banner could use a lil work... kind boring... lol very amazing site

    great job!!
  3. Angina

    Angina New Member

    HI nina i loved your sites and ive left you a message on one of your site so like i said if you think you can help just let me know aight thanks bye