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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by oklol911, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. oklol911

    oklol911 New Member

  2. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    I would suggest working on your meta. The title is short and lacking enough keywords. I think a description and keyword tag will help.
  3. poincaraux

    poincaraux New Member


    This my first website review, and I'm certainly not a professional, so take it with a chunk of salt.

    A few things to look for.
    website review guidelines

    Aesthetics & Eye Appeal

    1. Does the site's look and feel seem to match the subject matter It seems reasonable to me. If you had a specific game genre, you might try a color scheme that matched it more closely, but I think it looks nice for a general site.
    2. Does the site align visually with the intended reader or market? Again, if you have a specific genre to focus on, you might change things around. As is, the site certainly says "forum" visually, and the icons tell which genre each subforum is about.
    3. Do you immediately get a sense of what the site is all about? Yup.
    4. Could you easily see "About" and security information? Not really. I found the FAQ to be very general, and even the Exckor foroum sticky didn't really say what distinguishes your site from others.

    Design & Layout

    1. Are the graphics appropriate to the subject of the site? Yup.
    2. Are the graphics appropriate for the intended audience? Yup.
    3. Are there graphics that seem superfluous or unnecessary? Nope
    4. Is the color scheme appealing and suggestive of the topic? It's appealing. There isn't one consistent style of icon, though. E.g. all of the game genres look similar to each other, but different from the other icons. It might look better to have everything in each group (Games/About Games/Clans/etc.) share a style within the group.
    5. Is the layout cramped and 'too full' or is there proper spacing and visual rest areas? Looks good to me.
    6. Is your eye drawn to the most important elements? Do they then relate into the content? I'm not sure what exactly that means in the context of this website, but it's certainly easy to find the appropriate forums.

    Reader Usability

    1. Is the site understandable? Yup
    2. Did you know what to do to get to the information you wanted? Yes, although I was bothered by the fact that there's no indication of when there are subforums. E.g. The Consoles forum is divided into XBox/Nintendo/Playstation, but you can't tell that from the main page.
    3. Were there guide posts or 'help' features included Some forums have stickies, but others do not.
    4. Are the areas of content clearly defined Yes
    5. Were there distractions like spam and blinking ads No
    6. Are there visual elements, design elements, pictures, or content blocks that are distracting, or that keep you from flowing into the content message? No


    1. Is navigation Intelligent, logical and clearly understandable Yes
    2. Does the technology work - Java, scripts, movies, etc. or are you required to load a program or do something in order to use the site? It just works.
    3. Do buttons and links send you where you expected to go? Yes.

    Page Source

    1. Does the title have a brief description (max 66 characters including spaces) and does it include the most important keywords
    2. Is the description clearly understandable and does it match the site (max 150 characters including spaces) and does it include keywords
    3. Is the keyword list a reasonable length (not excessive) and have they been checked in a keyword suggestion tool
    4. Are the keywords used in the body of the page
    5. Is the page source for each page directed for that page content.
    Someone else mentioned that you may want to adding more keywords/meta.

    A tool to check the pages code.
    html validation and repair

    This might be worth looking into. It starts off saying
    And then gives several HTML warnings (most of these are complaints that your tables lack summaries).

    Hope that helps!
  4. railfan101

    railfan101 New Member

    You have an interesting site here. Might I suggest you add a little color to your site? It seems it's a little dull with just black.
  5. triman101

    triman101 New Member

    Nice site, I like it. I am going to register.
  6. Kronik03

    Kronik03 New Member

    I like the site, great work! I do have a little advice though...
    You have a bunch of different game categories, followed by consoles, then another forum for cheats and such...
    Just an idea, I would make a forum separate for each console

    Playstation Forum:
    Action Games
    Shooting Games
    Other Games

    It still looks good without that, but just a suggestion:)