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Websites game - movie and software site

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Stephen Bronson, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Stephen Bronson

    Stephen Bronson New Member

    hi every body here
    i build a website for everyone can find and take game movie and software for your work and your hobby
    Share For Free visit first time , if you like introduct to your friend and more
    same our forum i share free and only free for all people :)
    say thanks or comment if you dont like , i will fix
  2. Nkey

    Nkey New Member

    The ad that opens up first is a little confusing, most of the time when a website opens up with an add it doesn't take the whole screen, you can see the website you were looking for in the background, or it opens up in a pop up, so you don't just close the window thinking you got the wrong site.

    Can't comment on the content, seems it's not all in English.

    The graphic to the top right seems like it was fitted to a box rather than cropped, so it's stretched oddly.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Keri

    Keri New Member

    I agree with above. Not being able to read alot of it in english is hard to comment on.
    The pop-up also throws me off a bit. But seems easy to navigate through.
    Good job!
  4. MALLA

    MALLA New Member

    You got a really nice idea going on there.But the design of the site,the background and everything brings the whole thing down....
    try to reconstruct it,with better colors and graphics etc.If you want help with logos and design tips please contact me Email:malla303@live.com
  5. Philip So

    Philip So New Member

    I am loving your banner on the top of your site. The colors really go good together and it is eye catching. It is a shame that that Mario/Sonic Ad takes away from that because it keeps flashing. It's really distracting. Other than that, I think it is easy to navigate through and was well thought out. Thanks for the share!!!
  6. Sergey Zamarskiy

    Sergey Zamarskiy New Member

    Its pretty good for a web site with free stuff.Flashing ad is a bit distractive.The second top banner needs to be fixed on its left part.
    Good luck.
  7. leekerno

    leekerno New Member

    Really like the pictures used. Bit confusing as not all in English. Agree with all above found the pop up off putting, but generally a good look x
  8. Grandsatsuma

    Grandsatsuma New Member

    Good site, nice images and colour scheme. Some objects were clipping for me, not sure is thats for everyone but you might want to look at dynamic layouts. The chatbox is a nice feature, however the notice box is a bit intrusive for the homepage

    All in all a nice site in my opinion
  9. ThatAfricanBoy

    ThatAfricanBoy New Member

    Hey!, great site, wish it was in English though. have you considered replacing the graphic on the homepage with one that isint dithered? It's cool, but when I first saw it I thought it was an ad of some sort. Apart from that, everything seems to be in order and no glitches at all but as Grandsatsuma said the chatbox does seem a bit out a place, maybe make it smaller and move it down the webpage?

    But all in all, great site, keep up the good work!