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Software FREE Webmaster Tools

Discussion in 'General' started by webdesignus, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. webdesignus

    webdesignus New Member

    Hi I know im posting a lot I just want my site to be great. I have done a lot of research and still need help. What im looking for is....

    Free No Ads Webmaster Tools

    The main services I need are

    Message Board

    if you know of great free scripts I will try those

    Remeber I Need "FREE and NO ADS"

    The More I Gain The More I GAin The More Help I can Give.

    Thank you.
  2. markR

    markR New Member

    pm'd you

  3. webdesignus

    webdesignus New Member

    Message Board

    Hi I will just ask one at a time. What I need first is a Free message baord with out any ads.

    Thank you.
  4. dcroe05

    dcroe05 New Member

    If I understand your question correctly, this link may suit your needs.

  5. kenjin

    kenjin New Member

    I LOL at you. First off I have 9 years website building Exp. and if you want a free forum with no adds, then your crazy. Most of those free forums that are ad free are well crap.

    Now I know you said no ads, but if you want free forum try:

    www.invisionplus.net their ad is on the bottom of the forum instead of the top.

    Warning: Dont yell at me cause i know its not what you where looking for. Just go with it.