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Hosting Free Webhosting w/Ultimate Features!!!

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by Coolio10, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Coolio10

    Coolio10 Graphics Designer

    * No Ads Or No Forum Posting Needed
    * Domain (yourname.com) Or Sub Domain (yourname.byondspeed.com)
    * cPanel 10.2.0 [Latest]
    * Fantastico Deluxe 2.8 [Latest]
    * 200MB Disk Space
    * 10GB Bandwidth
    * Unlimited MySQL Databases
    * Unlimited FTP Accounts
    * Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    * Unlimited E-mail Forwarders
    * Unlimited E-mail Aliases
    * Unlimited Subdomains
    * Unlimited Addon Domains
    * Unlimited Parked Domains
    * PHP Support
    * CGI Support
    * PERL Support
    * JAVA Support
    * E-Mail, Helpdesk and Forum Support services
    * 99.9877% Uptime Guaranteed!
  2. webdesignus

    webdesignus New Member

    Whats the link? I like the set up but no link where is it? web design us
  3. Coolio10

    Coolio10 Graphics Designer

    Site link

    http://www.byondspeed.com/The site is

    sorry but we are not setup right now because we had to reset our webhosting.

    check back in a few weeks or so.:)
  4. webdesignus

    webdesignus New Member

    ok.. Well first off will your hosting be able to host os commerce? Thank you
    -web design us
  5. Mactire

    Mactire New Member

    doesn't work
  6. Yuripro84

    Yuripro84 New Member

    There's gotta be some catch, even when it does go out. I mean, how can they give this for free with no paid services and no ads?
  7. mfumbe

    mfumbe New Member

    The site does not work, I have tried several times to register on the forums so that I can get a Hosting Account.:mad:
  8. markR

    markR New Member

    Hosting needed

    I can provide you with hosting (100% certified uptime) - If you PM me your requirements then I can set it up for you