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Hosting Free Shoutcast Hosting

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by jesta, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. jesta

    jesta New Member

    i no a site where you can get free shoutcast hosting....you get:

    a domain name
    a free website
    500 listeners
    connect at 64kbps
    webmin panel
    full support

    To find out the site email me....:)
  2. tactican

    tactican New Member

    oh tell me please
  3. dalton_man321

    dalton_man321 New Member

    I registered just for the sake of wanting to know what this website is. I can't email you. :( Please tell me!
  4. zinrion

    zinrion New Member

    Maybe it's....

    Sounds like he's talking about listen2myradio.com
    I registered just to tell u that :D lol, it is a great service, atleast for those unable to pay for one themselve, or unwilling. lol. ENJOY!
  5. lildjrich

    lildjrich New Member

    Yeah! I used listen2myradio.com
    Its great service like you said!
    I don't really mean to give everyone the downside.. But you don't really get many listeners unless you have good friends and will send your link out :p Unfortunatley my MSN list is short so i can't get many people..
    But im sure everyone else is popular who will use it! :D
  6. Dexxa

    Dexxa New Member

    hehe ive just started using it,

    Not bad
  7. jeezey

    jeezey New Member

    Hey man did you get my PM yet. Im really trying to find out that link.
  8. 26xx002 Radio

    26xx002 Radio New Member

  9. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    Thanks for the link. It looks a good deal at this price:D
  10. Alvin

    Alvin New Member

    listen 2 my radio is crap i know a better one :D hihihi :p
  11. Untouchable

    Untouchable New Member

    Alvin: whats the point in saying that if you arnt gonna give us the link to it
  12. Alvin

    Alvin New Member

    Whos says i wont :D


    Poland language dont ask anything i dont know the language :D
    I was learning how to use or register :D witouth any help so hit it boys and good luck :)
  13. lildjrich

    lildjrich New Member

    Okay.. i will check it out :cool:
  14. lildjrich

    lildjrich New Member

    I hate Polish lol, cant understand a thing
  15. youngen-2007

    youngen-2007 New Member

    free shoutcast

    whats the site called mate were i can get a free shoutcast ?
  16. fairdoes

    fairdoes Member

    So tell us the better one ...
  17. Tranex

    Tranex New Member

    which one ??
  18. pastczub

    pastczub New Member

    Kcuf uoy os uoy era dipust gnikcuf odlid
  19. Thanks for sharing ;)
  20. Seany

    Seany New Member

    tell me

    please tell me mate about the beta one ive got
    listen2 my radio but i think is crap