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Services Free Hosting

Discussion in 'General' started by webdesignus, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. webdesignus

    webdesignus New Member

    Hi I need to know of some free hosting places that provide

    FREE Hosting
    No Ads, Banners
    Html, CGI
    a lot of bandwidth
    and that shows "pictures"

    I have tried Xero-Tech.net allthough I dont know how to get there free hosting.

    Thank you.
  2. markR

    markR New Member

    I can set you up an account - what do you mean by show pictures - do you want to host an image upload service?

  3. joel

    joel Member

  4. webdesignus

    webdesignus New Member


    Hi Mark im new and dont want to pay for hosting. When I upload pictures with my site they dont come up online thats what I mean. It will be a website for redline collectors "hotwheels" from the 60's and 70's Please email me at ratdan04@yahoo.com if you want to give me free hosting please. If not I will try to rember this post thanks.