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Websites Free Clan Templates and a CMS

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by Huggy, May 28, 2007.

  1. Huggy

    Huggy New Member

    Hey Guys,

    A new site has just been launched CT2 it offers a free Clan CMS, and Free Clan Gaming Templates! They already have some really good templates released and have a very talented staff team.

    I was looking at the CMS and its a complete CLAN cms for FREE!! You need to register and there is no catches, simple as that.

    Well heres the link hope you guys all like it I know I do.

    Clantemplates2.com - Free Clan Gaming Templates and a CMS

    Many Thanks Glen
  2. paul374

    paul374 New Member

    WOW that website is amazing thx for the link m8.
  3. Chrisbond007

    Chrisbond007 New Member

    Yea, nice website.
  4. _Sanya_

    _Sanya_ New Member

    this is a great template... :)
  5. Huggy

    Huggy New Member


    I would like to introduce to you all CCMS,

    CCMS is a brand new content management system aimed and geared for gamers around the world. Supporting multiple languages, template engines which allows us to meet all nationality's and gamers needs. Clans are not the only people that are able to use this software, guilds and other gaming community's can aswell.

    CCMS was developed to suit all of your needs for a complete website, you do not need to know any kind of programming or coding language to use this software. There is a complete admin center which allows admin's to edit and manage every aspect of your website. You can add content, move boxes, change display orders and much much more.

    CCMS has a vast and talented selected members of staff from around the world. Each coming with unique and vast skills, to create custom modifications and templates for our members.

    Features CCMS Supports

    # Member System

    Edit/Add Members
    Team System
    Ban Manager
    Flag System
    In Depth Profiles
    Forum Profiles

    # News System

    Add/Edit/Delete News
    Comment System
    RSS Feeds

    # Forums

    Editable forums from admin center
    In built admin within forums
    Private Forums for Teams
    All themed to match your template
    Private Messaging System

    # Demo Poster

    Ability to post videos straight from youtube
    Comment System
    Ability to add videos from other locations
    Flash Player

    # Gallery

    Upload images straight from your computer
    Ability to watermark images with your clans logo
    Add/Edit/Delete category's

    # Poll System

    Add/Edit/Delete Polls
    Make polls private to registered members only

    # Download Manager

    Add/Edit/Delete Files
    Upload files straight from your computer
    Make downloads private

    # Sponsors

    Add sponsors for the clan
    Sort able by category's

    # Shoutbox

    Themed shoutbox
    Admin center
    Member only options
    Anti spam features

    # Server Status

    Ability to add your clans servers with real time stats

    # Teamspeak and ventrilo server status

    Add your clans teamspeak and ventrilo servers
    Members can see who's online and connect with one click

    # Template System

    One click template changer
    All boxes, forums content templated
    Template box switcher
    One click theme installer

    # Language System

    The cms supports multiple languages
    One click language changer

    # Match System

    Ability to add up and coming games
    Add old games and record scores and players ratings
    All incorporated within members profiles
    Private message sent to players chosen to play

    # Box manager

    Ability to add/edit/delete boxes
    Move boxes around the page with one click

    # Custom content creator

    Ability to create custom pages on your website with a wysiwyg editor
    BB Code supported
    Make pages private
    Navigation box editable

    CCMS offers three types of memberships to our users.

    Default Membership Plans
    At CCMS we offer 3 types of memberships. I will go into detail about what the differences are and what benefits they have.

    Gold Membership

    1 CCMS Licence
    Access to templates
    Access to downloads
    Lifetime updates
    Custom User Title
    Free Sub Domain
    Free Hosting
    All CCMS Features
    CCMS Forum Access
    Free Install
    24.7 Support


    Silver Membership

    1 CCMS Licence
    Access to templates
    Access to downloads
    All CCMS Features
    CCMS Forum Access
    Limited Support


    Bronze Membership

    CCMS Forum Access
    Hire Staff
    No Support


    Please use coupon code [ maxvoice] when registering.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy using the service as much as I have.

    CCMS Promotional Department


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  6. solemage

    solemage New Member

    Hey Huggy, I've been with CT2.
    I was wondering when you were gonna post in this forum :)
  7. Stalkerprime

    Stalkerprime New Member

    Huggy: I would understand if you posted the topic a week ago when it was FREE. I look at that as a paying-cms-commercial. So next time check where you post so we wont confuse anybody