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HTML frames and 'div' element

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by greenbelt, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. greenbelt

    greenbelt New Member

    I read somewhere here that in the future frames will be replaced by the 'div' element. At the moment I've just finished learning about Inline frames. I'll probably find the answer to this question later today but here goes anyways.

    Is there a way to resize an Inline frame? I tried the few things that I've learned so far and nothing has worked.

    Thanks greenbelt
  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

  3. greenbelt

    greenbelt New Member

    :) Thanks.
  4. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    What HTML/CSS editor are you using
    There are several free ones that have help guides (or help files) and tutorials,
    and several sources of CSS templates.
    Also some very good sources of photo editors (free) and public domain pictures that you can use plus tutorials and help forums
    Also some template generators
    Some "free" HTML Editors

    1st Page 2000 1st Page 2000, the world's free web builder to create and manage world-class Web sites.

    1st Page 2006 Web Page Editor

    Alley CodeAlleycode editor is an intuitive, robust and fully functional editor with color coded HTML tags, HTML viewer, large help file.

    HTML-KitA full featured text editor designed to help HTML, XML, and Script authors to create, edit, format, validate, preview and publish Web pages.Features include multiple methods of previewing, a spellingchecker, and a thesaurus. Built-in FTP support.

    AceHTML freeware A powerful, free HTML editor, AceHTML comes packed with outstanding features, it offers a solid collection of tools to help novices and professional webmasters build Web sites with speed, ease, and convenience.
    = = =
    They are all good, choice is personal preference
    hope this helps
  5. greenbelt

    greenbelt New Member

    I'm going to try all of these out. New 'toys' to play with! Actually I was just working with Notepad. Quite tedious but fun to see what happens each time I try something out. As I mentioned before, I'm not so serious actually having a finished Web site. Just something new to learn.

    Thanks, greenbelt
  6. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    Location: Bangalore, India

    Why not do a webpage on India
    pictures and descriptions would be nice
    Information on how it changed or is changing
    The customs, food, work, play and attitudes of the people from your
    India seems deeply involved in computers
    what about work and schools on computers
    something to think about
  7. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

  8. greenbelt

    greenbelt New Member

    I like your idea of a blog type site about living in Bangalore. I am of Indian origin but lived all my life in Canada and the US. I grew up in a small farming community in southern Alberta and moved to Calgary when I graduated from High School. So living here is a whole new ball game for me, especially since I just turned 50. Not a great age to have everything change so radically. My other ideas are too advanced for now. Thanks I'll start simple.

    Been using First Page 2006 (couldn't get the 2000 version to install)and Just Style.

    The new NAM came out for SimCity4 so I MUST play some SC4 for a few days/weeks? I'm addicted to custom content.

    Thanks greenbelt