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Flash Flash?? Right forum?

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by lildjrich, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. lildjrich

    lildjrich New Member

    Hmm.. Not sure if this is the right forum.. Just i didn't find one called Flash..

    I got sent a website template from a friend on MSN..
    and it was cool.. He wanted me to edit it.. thats no prob i sed :D

    ITS FLASH :(

    So can someone help... I i dont know if there is going to be someone who comes up and say's send me the template and i will do it for you..
    Sorry but i like to do it myself.. I know you might think oh he's stuck up i won't help him!
    But i would be very greatful if someone helps :D
    Like either gives me a program or something :D

    Thnx.. Plz get back to me!
  2. Thau

    Thau New Member

    What you need ?.. A Program ? Try Macromedia ... they got some nice ones...

    You haven't said what you need help for, yes i know its flash, but eh... What you need ?