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Ready Fittness logo

Discussion in 'Archived' started by 1970Forest, May 31, 2014.

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  1. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Ladies / Gents

    Thanks to you all for sparing some of your valuable time helping in this, and is so much appricated.
    Conor is still pondering how to go due to soooooo many great designs, but will have to decide very soon!!!!

    Thanks again all!!!!!!
  2. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    The work fathers do for their kids on Father's Day....
    Just reading all that wore me out. :LOL:
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  3. Archel

    Archel Active Member

    Thanks @1970Forest nice to know Conor liked my design
  4. Rico

    Rico Active Member

    @1970Forest, thanks for the response and Conors comments, i have attach herewith the EPS file as he requested.

    Attached Files:

  5. Lea

    Lea Illustrator

    Thanks @1970Forest. It's our pleasure to help you and your son. ;) Conor must be really confused which one to choose. :confused:
  6. Franz

    Franz 2D & 3D Artist

    @1970Forest Thanks! My pleasure.. (y)
  7. Mark

    Mark Illustrator

  8. Chad

    Chad Active Member


    Here you go. Reason why I dimmed the head is because the "C" and "R" gets lost in translation.
    Thank you for the compliments.

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  9. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Chad

    Completely understand why it was done this way in the first place, could have tried the head / neck in a different colour? that could still make the C/R stand out or outline the C/R separately?....Thanks for the quick response, Lovin your work!!!
  10. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member

    Cheers Mr Ish

    Me n you both know dads never get a day off (would be easier if he was one of your penguins, now that's going back a bit :LOL:)
  11. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    tell me about - we have now extended to 18, not counting Wanda and me.
  12. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    @ishkey You have 10 children and 8 grandchildren? WOW!
  13. Chad

    Chad Active Member

    Hello Forest,

    I've already did studies that reflect the color change, as well as the separation, but they work to our disadvantage. Reasons being:

    1. Adding a 3rd color would negatively effect the impressions of power, dynamism, security, and trustworthiness that is represented in red and blue. I strongly suggest we keep this in 2 colors at maximum.

    2. Separating the head and body would yield in a third character, which is "i" or "j" in lower case. It muddies up our message that "C" and "R" represents the initials of your son, who is a fitness trainer/instructor.

    In my most humble opinion, the first study is the most optimal that represents your son's full capabilities as a fitness guru, accenting his professionalism in teaching other people.

    and thank you for loving my work. I appreciate it very much.
  14. Chad

    Chad Active Member

    @1970Forest I meant I already did all these before fine-tuning the first study you saw. ;)
  15. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    Congratulations to all who have come to Forest's rescue. Every one of these logo designs are abso -bloomin' -lutely amazing!
    I'm in awe of your collective talents!
    Keep up the great work guys and gals.

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  16. kanakdbz

    kanakdbz New Member

    Whoa! I really like the logos that chad provided. Very unique and creative!
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  17. Chad

    Chad Active Member

    Thank you for the compliment. It is greatly appreciated.
  18. Ian

    Ian Vector Enthusiast

  19. 1970Forest

    1970Forest Moderator Staff Member


    My apologies for not getting back soon than this, but personal reasons (that I will not bore you with) has kept me away from a pc.

    Conor has been a busy little bee, by asking 412 people which design they would go for;

    163 went with Franz design
    151 went with Chads design
    98 was split amongst the rest

    So in all honesty not much help lol, so he is sooooooo split between Franz and Chads (original) design that I have said I would get both printed up for him (early Xmas prezzie) and then he can take it from there.

    So could I politely and if I could have vector's from Chad and Franz (only if you do not mind)?

    Thanks again to all who spent time in helping Conor, Thanks just does not cover it!!!!

    Ruthe likes this.
  20. Ruthe

    Ruthe Community Manager

    Wow 412 people polled!!! Such is the father's love, @1970Forest (':
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