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Websites Feedback wanted for www.bananafreak.com please

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by chizum, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. chizum

    chizum New Member

    Could anyone give me some feedback for my new website:


    Question for you seo and web design veterans - does the domain name have much weighting/relevance when it comes to generating traffic and page rank? The only reason I ask is www.bananafreak.com bears no relevance to the web site content, I just loved the name!

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. templateup

    templateup New Member

    That's a very nice clean design. Love the clear headers, Segoe font? The domain name should have no effect on the page rank but isn't going to help in terms of getting searches as the domain name is a very important part to how well you rank in search engines. Viewers will remember your site which is always good for return visitors, however return visitors are less likely to click on any ads :S
  3. tailender1

    tailender1 New Member

    simple desing n i like it. I suggest you to blend the ads with the design of you website
  4. marysue33

    marysue33 New Member

    nicely done!:D

    i got one question for ya tho..how long did it take you to build this site and get everything up n going?
  5. chizum

    chizum New Member

    Thanks for the positive comments.

    marysue33, it took around a week (not on it full time). Although I work in IT I have little experience building web sites. It uses a joomla template which is dead easy to configure.
  6. gg1609

    gg1609 New Member

    I like it, I'd give it 9/10 job well done mate! I wish mine looked 1/10 as good as yours.
  7. deyounggerry

    deyounggerry New Member

    A really nice site. Maybe you could work up a pale yellow banana logo and add a spot of color at the top. Just an idea. Good job!!