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Graphics Easy Logo

Discussion in 'Free Graphics' started by millers, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. millers

    millers New Member

    Nature of the creation : car logo
    Creation size (in pixels) : 1006x100
    With or without animation : any
    Background color : the background is just goin to be pictures of cars and parts of cars feel free to google for more pictures of modified cars,car shows.
    Picture(s) link(s) : Maxpower logo cut out so it's tranceparrent and place on fare right of banner: http://i63.servimg.com/u/f63/14/53/39/66/maxpow11.jpg And for the background i want lots of pics of cars over lapping each other: http://i63.servimg.com/u/f63/14/53/39/66/10013910.jpg - http://i63.servimg.com/u/f63/14/53/39/66/98640310.jpg - http://i63.servimg.com/u/f63/14/53/39/66/dscf2913.jpg - http://i63.servimg.com/u/f63/14/53/39/66/dscf2913.jpg - http://i63.servimg.com/u/f63/14/53/39/66/p4010010.jpg

    Text to insert : Lancashire Street Cars in yellow and in white We Run The Lancashire Cruise Scene.
    Link to the font to download : the fount is called stencile
    Font color : yellow & White
    Link of my forumotion forum : Lancashire Street Cars - Home
    Extra comments : thank you and when it is done can you filter the banner so it has abit of a blue glare thanks just try to make it exsiting thanks :)
  2. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    boy there sure is a lot of posts about your logo, but you finally got it right, suppling information, so here is a conglomerate of all of them.
    maybe it will work.

    "Graphic removed"
  3. millers

    millers New Member

    hi mate can you do it so there are pics filling all of the background and there is white around the maxpower logo, and not to keen on flash but apart from all that its ok so can you make some changes to it thanks
  4. ishkey

    ishkey Moderator, Logos, Sports Crests Staff Member Verified Member

    So what kind of cars are these?
    Are they tricked out in some way - engine - suspension?

    Not much room on 100px wide to put much so here are the cars.
    Does that work?

    "graphic Removed"
  5. millers

    millers New Member

    thats boss mate can i have it in the originol size please thanks alot!!! :) if ya want try and find better pictures that fit on it on google!!
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