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General Dreamweaver

Discussion in 'General' started by lorisun, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. lorisun

    lorisun New Member

    Can the website templates offered here be edited using Dreamweaver?
    Thank you.
  2. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Yes. :) Have fun.
  3. lorisun

    lorisun New Member

    thank you!! great news....
  4. WebTalent

    WebTalent New Member

    a lot of designer here will help you, if you have question on dreamweaver :)
  5. kuttar

    kuttar New Member

    Last month I learned How to make website by Dreamwaver
  6. austinjames

    austinjames New Member

    YES you may use your dreamweaver to edit your template.
    I've downloaded one and had edited one using my dreaweaver...
  7. Cassie Beattie

    Cassie Beattie New Member

    How can I get the HTML and JavaScript so that I am able to edit this in Dreamweaver?
  8. Keldertron

    Keldertron Member

    If you find a template you like through this site there should be a download option. once those files are unzipped you can open them in Dreamweaver for editing.
  9. Real View Like

    Real View Like New Member

    yeah! of-course you can easily edit website templates via Dreamweaver.
  10. GongetWebservices

    GongetWebservices New Member

    You can use the Dreamweaver for coding. Dreamweaver helps for the developers for coding
  11. Evelyn M

    Evelyn M New Member

    Yes, you can easily edit your website templates using Dreamweaver. Here are the steps for editing your template using Dreamweaver:

    Open and edit a template file
    1. In the Assets panel (Window > Assets), select the Templates category on the left side of the panel .
    2. The Assets panel lists all of the available templates for your site and displays a preview of the selected template.
    3. In the list of available templates, do one of the following:
      • Double-click the name of the template you want to edit.
      • Select a template to edit, then click the Edit button at the bottom of the Assets panel.
    4. Modify the contents of the template.
    5. To modify the template’s page properties, select Modify > Page Properties. (Documents based on a template inherit the template’s page properties.)
    6. Save the template. Dreamweaver prompts you to update pages based on the template.
    7. Click Update to update all documents based on the modified template; click Don’t Update if you don’t want to update documents based on the modified template.
    8. Dreamweaver displays a log indicating the files that were updated.
  12. annabailey

    annabailey New Member

    Okay thank you for asking this question here. Hope this is helpful for all..
  13. Malvika

    Malvika New Member

    Yes you can easily edit your website template using dreamweaver.
  14. jammyrose

    jammyrose New Member

    yes i have downloaded one template for my site cool whatsapp status and edited the template using dreamweaver, its very easy and fun doing it.