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Websites DJ Website

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Alert, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Alert

    Alert New Member

    Can someone please take a look at my website and tell me what they think
    based on their knowledge?
    its a site for dj/lighting
  2. navyfalcon

    navyfalcon Well-Known Member Verified Member

    You have 31 characters (including spaces) of your title
    Google displays 66 characters (including spaces) of your title

    Your title
    <title>Webs - Make a free website, get free hosting - DJ Alert</title>

    Google displays 150 characters (including spaces) of your description
    below the title

    <meta name="description" content="">

    <meta name="keywords" content="">

    What Google says about Title and Description
    Changing your site's title and description in search results - Webmaster Tools Help

    Try a Google search for DJ Alert
    notice how they include a short description in the title (it helps)
    Also notice how they have a description of the site (it helps)
    hope this helps
  3. djwilson

    djwilson New Member

    Firstly i would recomend you get your own domain that your in FULL control of via FTP etc.

    Also set the music to play ONLY when someone clicks play instead of autoplay, this is very off putting for visitors and if there at work and music starts playing they will just close the page and not book you or re visit your site.
  4. Alert

    Alert New Member

    OK thank you for that input is their anything i should do information wise?
    or background?
  5. te_2010

    te_2010 New Member

    Ok it's on a free host but the theme is there, I would have to agree that you should get your own domain, Cheep as chips these days.

    All the best & good luck with your site.
  6. BrianH

    BrianH New Member

    I like the background. Definitely gives a night club style vibe.
  7. DJtcar

    DJtcar New Member

    You need to correct all your spelling and grammer mistakes. It sounds like a 3rd grader wrote your page. Other than that, it is a good start. Nice backround.
  8. atulhost

    atulhost New Member

    I Appreciate your efforts

    Hi Alert (I don't mean that High Alert) Lol.

    I really appreciate your efforts of using live images of events as they are more impressive rather than using unreal images. Keep it up!!!!!

    Good Luck....
  9. colinc86

    colinc86 New Member

    only thing i can say has been said already. get your own domain will really make the site your own
  10. DjPeteyPoo

    DjPeteyPoo New Member

    Ya.. maybe your own domain and you'll be able to put up more personalized stuff .. other than was has been said already, I've really enjoyed your website and I want to build one of my own soon also. Great work overall !!
  11. mybizz28

    mybizz28 New Member

    Your site has its own style as the topic itself. Just add more content to help in term of seo. Good job!
  12. ArtOfWar

    ArtOfWar New Member

    Looks okay could use allot of work on it.
  13. BostonBruisers

    BostonBruisers New Member

    I suggest a different song for your website. Beggining is very annoying and continues for about 20 seconds.. For the personalized domain i suggest getting a .tk create djjamn.webs.com into djjam.tk The site for this is www.dot.tk its free but u have to live up to your 40 visitors every 90 days agreement. Another good thing is that it is easy to navigate through.
  14. slowey

    slowey New Member

    Could i just suggest one thing. The first thing you see on this website is the top picture. Personally i think try using a different picture as although it does great in showing you at work, the lads in the background arent paying any attention and look bored. Pictures like the others make more of an impact where lots of people are enjoying your DJing.
  15. credphoto

    credphoto New Member

    I don't like the pictures of you being blurry. If you are doing it for style, that's cool, I just don't care for it. I like the music. The text is kinda plain too. I also don't like the ads across the top of the site, that is very annoying and distracting to you as a business I think. FWIW, jmho.
  16. legend2010

    legend2010 New Member


    The thing about your website is the music, as soon as you go in the music starts straight away. You dont have a choice, ie if i'm checking you website but i'm in a no noise room then its off putting. Also the backgroung doesn't look too professional
  17. kahnboy

    kahnboy New Member

    You could have an option for the background music, it jumps out at you.
  18. moabhunting

    moabhunting New Member

    Your site overall looks good. I would liven up the pic's. Also in the Booking section your Pic is black and white and hazy. I would get a Color pic with you in action or at an event.
  19. razgriz537

    razgriz537 Member


    The background picture looks decent. I went through to look at the events and pictures and didn't find anything. For a little sneak peak, sometimes it is good for people to see your setup. Set your equipment up in a nice room and take a few pictures of your stuff. If you have to "Stage" a job that way you can get the exact pictures that would be attractive. In the teen events category, add more of an explanation and make it seem like something teens would want. For me, just putting the type of music you would play doesn't attract me. Knowing what venues you can play would impress. For booking, add what hours would be good to call. (i.e. Mon-Sat 9am-6pm) Just something to make it feel business-like. With the black background for your text it seems very dark and to me that limits what you're are trying to do. It is possible to add more pictures and graphics to make this have a more attractive feel. I hope that I was able to help a little.

    Also, use a cover picture that doesn't have a bottle drink in it. On your main page, the picture has a drink sitting on your stuff. Seeing that takes away from the professional feel that you want to convey to potential clients.
  20. lafia

    lafia New Member

    I like the site, I would make the dj alert sign a little bit bigger to overpower those annoying overhead ads.