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Services Dish Network and Netflix

Discussion in 'General' started by ozone73, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. ozone73

    ozone73 Member

    So any other Dish Network users out there that are upset about them dropping AMC and IFC? My girlfriend and I are big fans of The Walking Dead and now we can't watch it. I'm trying to keep the hope alive that they may bring it back before the new season starts but I know realisticly it won't happen. I know a lot of people are saying they are switching to DirectTV. We had DirectTV but we didn't like it. Anytime a little cloud, butterfly, or breeze went over we would lose our signal. The only time our Dish Network goes out is if it's storming. And we will never use our cable company.

    My girlfriend decided to sign up for Netflix last night. For some reason it keeps telling her to install Silverlight (which is already on her laptop). So she uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and it still doesn't work. The only way she can watch movies is through Windows Media Center. She had Netflix a few months back and it worked fine. So I was on the phone with them today trying to get it to work. Still wouldn't. They gave me a phone number for Silverlight so I may give them a call.

    Just some fun we've been having latley.
  2. Recidivist

    Recidivist VIP Member

    Atleast you get them straight away :p In the UK we have to wait several months before we get the shows and people have already blurted out the endings. I just watch them on the internet or torrent them now :p
  3. ozone73

    ozone73 Member

    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Dish will bring back AMC before Walking Dead starts up again.

    My girlfriend figured out what was wrong with the whole Netflix/Silverlight issue she was having. For some reason Silverlight wasn't enabled. So she enabled it and now it works fine.
  4. Recidivist

    Recidivist VIP Member

    Yeah, looking forward to the new season! :D Was a pretty tense cliffhanger they left it on.

    Good to hear she got that working, atleast you can see it if Dish don't get their act together.