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Legacy Design your own team crest!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jonahmcg26, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. jonahmcg26

    jonahmcg26 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for reading this message, I really appreciate it. I was wondering if anyone would be open to designing a crest for our football team.

    We are called Victorious Secrets and we were hoping to have a crest that would appear on our fanpage and be embroidered on our kits. I have no image to begin with, but ideally, I would like an image that looks a bit like Chelsea, with the colours light blue and pink.


    Also it'd be great if anyone could include a picture of a bra or thong in the crest or something!

    Thank you so much for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. GG

    GG Active Member

    :confused: how is that related to your club?
  3. jonahmcg26

    jonahmcg26 New Member

    Hi GG,

    Our team name, Victorious Secret, is a pun on Victoria's Secret!
    Thanks for your response,
  4. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    A bra or a thong in soccer club crest? Doesnt really fit.....
  5. jonahmcg26

    jonahmcg26 New Member

    Haha I understand, that is true. I would be more than happy to see anything anyone manages to come up with. Thanks for your message!
  6. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    I expect the guys would have a bit of fun putting this one together!
    Light blue and pink colours and female undies eh?...are you an all-girls team?
  7. modman

    modman VIP Member

    think this could be Jamestown collage women's flag football
  8. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

  9. modman

    modman VIP Member

    good idea would help if the person had read the sticky
  10. modman

    modman VIP Member

    not alot to go on hence you not reading the sticky

    Attached Files:

  11. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    The bra looks like eyes, and the thong looks like its mouth :D
  12. CovertPea

    CovertPea Moderator Staff Member Verified Member

    how about a soccer ball in each bra cup? :p
  13. modman

    modman VIP Member

    lol i know what you mean about the face
    but like i said not alot of info so don't plan to waste time on it until then
  14. Enclavean

    Enclavean Member

    And how putting it on so it looks like the logo is wearing it? :D
  15. jonahmcg26

    jonahmcg26 New Member

    Sorry guys, and Modman, that is an awesome first design, I really like it! I can't wait to see what some of the others come up with also!

    1) What is the exact name you would like in your logo?
    Victorious Secret Football Club

    2) What is your website address (ex: http:/site .com/; Site Name)?
    Logo will not be displayed on website as of yet.

    3) Description of your website or business:
    We are starting a football club in a comedy league in London

    4) Have you found any logos/designs on the web that you feel convey
    the style you are looking for?
    As I said, the style of Chelsea's current badge, or maybe Brentford

    5) Requested size of your logo:
    Quite high resolution, as it will be embroidered on shirts.

    6) Do you have any images/photos that can be used for the logo? (must be copyright free)
    I have no images, but underwear in the style of this bra would be great (without the rubik's cube)

    7) What logo styles do you like (text only, image only, text and image, etc.)?
    image and text in the crest. For example, Chelsea's crest.

    8) What colors do you want to see in your logo?
    Pink and any shade of blue, maybe black and white

    9) What colors do you NOT want to see in your logo?
    Green, red, brown

    10) Describe the target audience for your logo
    Mostly teenagers.

    11) What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?
    This will help the designer know how to design your logo and to what effect.
    (e.g could be targeted to attract new businesses, gamers, newly weds, children,
    builders etc etc)

    I'd like ideally that the crest were designed in the same way as a professional team, but it also has some fun with the underwear aspect. In this way it's kind of a parody or spoof.

    12) Where will your logo be used (print, website, etc.)?
    Embroidered on shirts.

    13) Do you have other info or links you want to share?
    Please feel free to comment on anything else that you would like your logo to have if it has
    not been mentioned above.

    Thanks Guys!!

    14) Finally we need is there a style font you prefer, please let us know.
    For font types you can look here daFont or one of the many Font Websites available.
  16. jonahmcg26

    jonahmcg26 New Member

    Also, modman, the one thing I would ask is if you could change it to Victorious Secret Football Club, without an 's' on the end of 'Secrets', otherwise it's great!
  17. Johnny 77

    Johnny 77 New Member

    Lol!!! Must have been a wind up!!
  18. GG

    GG Active Member

    Looks like jonahmcg26 doesn't want the logo anymore..

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