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Customization css horizontal menu

Discussion in 'General' started by cheetahgal, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. cheetahgal

    cheetahgal New Member

    Hi! I just first want to say how great it is that you guys are volunteering your services to help out people who need your help. There should be more people like you on the web!

    I need to design a website for a friend as a birthday present. I thought that it'd be cool to have a css menu, but I can't seem to find a code that fits what I want. It's a fairly simple design, but since how I don't know much about CSS (style sheets is my limit), I was hoping that you guys could help me out.

    The menu that I want is the same one as located here ==> www.norwestcorp.com. If you could make it exactly the same, that'd be awesome. Well, you don't have to make the text content the same, but just the style. Or, you know, if it's easier to make the text the same, that'd work too, as long as I can change it after. Thanks in advance!
  2. Zipotron

    Zipotron New Member

    I'm not a menu nerd but i think you can change this one to meet you're need..

    DD Tab Menu

    Cya !
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  3. cheetahgal

    cheetahgal New Member

    tried it

    Ya, I've seen that one too and I've been trying to change it. I can't seem to figure out how to make the text that appears when you hover over the tab to show up right under the tab and not just aligned to the left.

    Curent state:
    blah/ blah/ blah/ etc...

    what I need:

    blah/ blah/ blah/ etc...

    except without the space in between

    any suggestions?:confused:
  4. cheetahgal

    cheetahgal New Member

    ok, a minor break through

    ok, i've figured out how to make the pop out menu come out underneath the actual top options, (i set the position to relative). But now I've got a different problem. Since how I have the menu in a table, the table expands to fit every pop out underneath one another, and i end up with a big thing of empty space that I can't fill in with text. here's a visual


    blah / blah / blah

    <==ugly large empty space!!!

    ----table ends------------------------

    how do i get rid of it??? plz help
  5. ktcoop

    ktcoop New Member

    Most CSS code is not positioned inside of a table. that's kind of the point of CSS. To get rid of tables. I would suggest taking it out OR try making your table width 500px or something to make it wide enough to fit all your text. I don't really know if that will work, but it's a suggestion
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  6. cheetahgal

    cheetahgal New Member

    I got it

    Thx for the help, but I got it (a while ago). I just had to set position:relative but i had absolute, so everytime I'd add a submenu, it would create a parallel <p> underneath the parent menu. Took a lot of trial and error, not a very good method to build stuff. : (
  7. Zipotron

    Zipotron New Member

    Hi, Cheetahgal !
    When you find something give us the link to the solution, it's always interresting to know and it can help someone else.

    Bye !
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