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General Creating a forum

Discussion in 'General' started by chimpy, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Tucson Cowboy

    Tucson Cowboy New Member

    I have a very simple forum on my Site, which works ok but it doesn't allow for attaching JPEG files (photos) with the posts. Does anyone know if there is a free forum program that has the provision of attaching photos? Thanks.
  2. w3web

    w3web Member

    Forum Creation: Hosting a Forum on Your Own Domain

    Register a domain at a host who supports PHP.

    Download forum software.

    Download an FTP client. You will need this to upload your PHP content to your host.

    Create a MySQL database.

    Set up your forums.

    If you are using phpBB:

    Clean up time. Delete the install and contrib directories.

    Login and Customize

  3. dhivya

    dhivya New Member

    1. Buy a domain
    2. Rent/Buy a webserver or individual hosting.
    3. Forum software