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Web Tools Create Free Football Website

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by hotshot, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. hotshot

    hotshot New Member

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  2. korvayne

    korvayne New Member

    this looks great,going to give it a go cheers!
  3. WiffMasters

    WiffMasters New Member

  4. OttoTheShrimp

    OttoTheShrimp New Member

    Many Thanks for this I've already started to play around with it ready for the season ahead. Easy interface and step by step guides. I would recommend :)
  5. leebooker

    leebooker New Member

    www.clubwebsite.co.uk can also be used to set up a football club website. The template is already there and is standardised for everybody. However its a quick and easy website for users who dont have much time.
  6. sleighton

    sleighton New Member

    Amateur Soccer - Free Team Websites - Teamstats.net is again a standard template but has some brilliant added extra's such as goal/assist stats, match ratings etc if you want to put them in.

    But the biggest bonus is you can enter all your players and associates phone numbers and/or e-mails into the site and send them an SMS Message/e-mail at the click of a button to help organise meetings for the games etc

    Very handy
  7. NeilMessham

    NeilMessham New Member

    Used them all at some point, including doing my own website but have ended up going back to Pitchero. Just looks and feels more professional. :)
  8. nella81

    nella81 New Member

    my team used to use webteams but they were migrated to pitchero, its a great site although maits layout is based for clubs who have more than one team, like first team, reserves, youths etc etc